Sunday, January 21, 2018

An obligatory writing

First, We asked for print quality photos of the prize winning pieces at the 6th natural stone competition organized by IMIB (Union of Istanbul Mineral...

More than a fair

Having opened its gates on 27-30 September 2017, Marmo+mac once again proved to be ranked on the peak of Natural stone fair organizations 1650 companies...

Towards 2bn. dollars

Realising 1.888.639.000 dollar worth export in January-November period in 2017, Turkey increased its turnover by 14 % compared to the same period of last...


President of WONASA (World Naturel Stone Association) Hello to those who devoted their soul, labor and everything they have to natural stone... I would first like to...


There are two natural stone related fairs in Dubai. The Big 5 Show and Middle East Stone... Main organizer of both is dmg Events and...

Soylu Marble Macchiato

Being one of the important brands in Turkish natural stone sector since 1984, Soylu Marble offers Macchiato, one of its favourite stones... Extracted from...


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Başerler Delikli Onyx

Kanyon Group Baiyulan

Topkara Bianco Linea