7 Spartans


It’s our duty to stand against those who consider the Turkish natural industry as an easy touch.

Some of you might know how we opposed the imposition of the forced attendance to the Middle East Fair for permission to participate in The Big 5, Dubai in November.

Now we have a rightful struggle of seven Turkish companies on our agenda.

Do you want to know who they are? They are the seven Turkish companies that realize almost 50% of the total block marble export to India.

Babomar, Sezgin, Devay, Yesmar, Meya, Taş Kütüphanesi and Leonardo.

These seven companies won’t attend the Stona Fair, which is going to be held in February in Bangalore.

Why is it then? What struggle is this?

The organizer of the fair demands from Turkish exhibitors four times the amount that other exhibitors pay.

It’s not two or three times. It’s four times!

After all these, the companies came to an agreement and decided to boycott the fair at which they would have probably earned vast amounts of money.

First, the fair organizer thought that this unity would not work, and they would give up one by one. But on the contrary, some other big producers also supported the boycott, as well.

Turkish national participation organizer of the fair, which is famous for selling its reserved place one year beforehand and demanding extra place from India, is still trying to sell its remaining empty areas in these days. October is almost here!

I suppose everybody knows the famous battle of Thermopylae which took place in 480 B.C and the 300 Spartans who rose up against a million Persian soldiers and were defeated because of the treason of a traitor.

Even though they are well aware of the economic defeat, they stand. For me, these seven companies are no different than the Spartans who rise up against a vast army.

As Marble Trend Magazine, the first publication to have brought this movement forward, we support their righteous resistance.

If İMİB, TÜMMER, and EİB stand by their side as well, why wouldn’t this battle be won?