Projects A dream-like project by Alacakaya: Elaf Galleria:

A dream-like project by Alacakaya: Elaf Galleria:


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A dream-like project by Alacakaya: Elaf Galleria:

Natural stone is a unique material. It’s such a magical touch with its charm. In every structure built with plenty of natural stone, you strongly feel that magic. And The Hotel Galleria by Elaf is one of those amazing projects where you can feel this magic. This glorious hotel in the city of Cidde in Saudi Arabia now features an excellent luxury thanks to four stones bearing the signature of Alacakaya Marble.

Cream Karaman plays the leading role in this hotel that draws all the attention with its exterior. To add color and pattern to this special stone lying on the floor, Bottocino Bej and Rosso Levanto are preferred. Balancing light and dark with Cream Karaman and Botticino Beige, the architect made the golden touch with the unique elegance of Rosso Levanto.

Another one of the best picks in the lobby is Blue Onyx. This elegant stone produced by Alacakaya Marble adorns two pools located near the reception table. Together with the pools’ lighting and water, onyx stone forms a beautiful scene. Blue Onyx in both of the sitting areas of the lobby, is an amazing pick.

There are other eye-dazzling details in the project that draw attention. You reach a perfect corridor through stairs made of Cream Karaman. The walls made of Cream Karaman, a corridor colored with Rosso Levanto, and the golden elevator doors… There is no other word than “perfect” to describe this harmony. And at last, we applaud the beauty of natural stone, the production quality of Alacakaya, and the mastery of the architects who built Elaf Galleria Hotel.

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