Actual A special quarry, three elegant stones

A special quarry, three elegant stones


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A special quarry, three elegant stones

Natural stone is the miracle of nature. Every time you touch one, you feel it in your palms. However, some quarries might make you feel the same thing even more. We are in Muğla, at the Yatağan Quarry of FNS Marble. The biggest aspect of the quarry is that three different types of products are manufactured at three different points. Dolomite, onyx, and marble are all extracted from the same quarry. We say “hello” to Ramazan Yaldız, general director at FNS Marble, who was dealing with a client, and start touring the quarry.

The most popular stone of the company in the latest period is the dolomite. Three selections of dolomite are extracted from the quarry in Yatağan. These stones, which were exhibited before the pandemic in Stona Fair, India, are called Elegance Dolomite, Pırple Dolomite, and Malbec Dolomite. After seeing these stones with lighter shades and beautiful lines we proceed to the onyx blocks. At the forefront with their durable structure and patterns, these stones are titled “Coffe Onyx.” From the most distant point of the quarry, Muğla White is extracted.

Underlining that this special structure of the stone was an advantage, Ramazan Yaldız, the company’s owner, said, “We’re happy that we can launch three products of different characteristics to the market. Our most sought-after stone in the latest period is the dolomite. We’ve received some good feedback on our way back from India. We receive Coffe Onyx and Muğla White orders, too. In addition, our mosaic production continues.”


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