Never-changing quality: Marmo+mac


138 Turkish companies exhibited their products, a total of 69 thousand professional visitors attended the fair, and Marmo+mac has passed the class again.

Italy. A beautiful country with its story, culture, and cuisine. And of course, with its fairs. That’s why Marmo+mac is a unique gathering. You start counting the days to the event from August. The new season, the new stones, and the products crafted by an army of talented designers excite you. You can’t help wondering how The Italian Stone Theatre plans to amaze you this time.  The show starts after that. We attended the 54th edition of the peak of all the fairs dedicated to natural stone in the world with great excitement, and once more, we doffed our hat to this qualified fair.

Increase in Turkish participation

The event, which was organized on September 25-28, 2019, managed to be highly favored among the Turkish natural stone producers. A total of 138 companies rushed to the fair and became a part of the show. The number of Turkish exhibitors, which had dropped to 127 due to Euro currency exchange rates, started once more to climb up in 2019. We wouldn’t be wrong if we considered the 10th Hall of Veronafiere as the Turkish Hall. 50 Turkish companies, which preferred to attend the fair within the national participation, were located at the 10th Hall. Other 88 companies, however, participated in the event independently and exhibited their products at the Halls 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

IMIB organized the national participation for the 10th time

Turkey’s national participation was organized by Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB) for the 10th time this year.  IMIB literally showed off at the 10th Hall with 50 companies on an area of 1914 square meters. Many exclusive stones bearing the signature of Turkey were presented to the visitors. On the first day of the fair, Aydın Dinçer, president of IMIB,  visited the stands of the Turkish companies with the board members to wish them an excellent fair and welcomed important guests from bureaucracy.

Bureaucrats show great interest

Along with Özgür Uludüz, Consul General in Milan, Dr. Emre Orhan Öztelli, commercial attache, and other representatives, who welcomed the Turkish companies coming to Italy, Ali Rıza Oktay, head of Mine, Metal, and Forest Goods under the Ministry of Commerce, Mustafa Sever, assistant general director of MAPEG, Abdülkerim Aydındağ, head of Natural Stone Department of MAPEG, visited the stands with Aydın Dinçer, president of IMIB , and they received information about the situation of the sector and the fair from the companies’ representatives.

The number of visitors and exhibitors increased

Now let’s talk about the fair’s figures. The announcement made by Marmo+mac revealed an increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors. In the event, in which 1600 exhibitors from 55 countries had attended in 2018, 1650 companies from 61 countries exhibited their products this time. The number of visitors increased as well as the country variety of the fair.  Having been visited by 68 thousand people from 140 countries last year, Marmo+mac was visited by 69 thousand people from 154 countries in 2019.

Danesi: We reached our goals

Maurizio Danesi, president of Veronafiere, expressed that they were satisfied with the result of the fair and said, ” The 54th edition of Marmo+mac has reached all the goals we had set. Especially the increase of 62% in the number of foreign visitors proves our fair’s strong international identity.” And Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere, said, “Marmo+mac inspires architects and designers about how the meeting of technology and natural stone might result in beautiful things.”

Nature meets creativity

Eye-catching stones, most exquisite examples of elegant stands and presentations… There are a lot of such beautiful points of Marmo+Mac, of course, but  The Italian Stone Theatre is a whole different thing. The meeting of different natural stones all around the world with Italian architects’ creativity results in many fascinating works every year. Also this year, those who entered The Italian Stone Theatre, gazed in admiration the most beautiful works emerging out of natural stone’s variety and uniqueness.

The Pride of Arslanlar

Arslanlar Marble, one of the companies drawing attention recently, felt a particular excitement in Verona. The other eye of the company, which welcomed its guests at the elegant stand at Hall 12, was fixed upon The Italian Stone Theatre. Since Silver River, produced by Arslanlar Marble, was preferred for a wine-bar in the Theatre. Woked by Italian architects, the designed received the thumbs-up from its visitors.

Greek firms awarded

Another classic of Marmo+mac is the stand design awards. The Best Communicator Awards were given to their owners for the 13th time this year. Under four categories (design, natural stone, tools, and machines), the best Italian and international firms were awarded. Temmer was announced as one of the top three companies in the design category. However, the winner was Akrolithos from Greece. In the natural stone category, Stone Group International, another Greek company, won the grand prize.

Mesmerizing designs

We do have respect for the awards given away by Marmo+mac. However, as Marble Trend, we would like to indicate the unawarded stands that astonished us. The Italian firm Gruppo Tosco Marmi, which worked a “Space and Galaxy” theme and exhibited each of its products as planets made of different marbles, was undoubtedly was the leader in the design field. Many other original stands at the Italian halls were prepared with great care and deserved the thumbs-up.

Cheers to the IMIB crew

Making each exhibitor happy with stand designs, promotional campaigns, and services during the event is obviously not easy. But IMIB management and its crew showed a top-tier performance. Having satisfied its exhibitors with plain and elegant stand designs, IMIB spent much effort on the promotion and was appreciated. First of all, the board placed to the entrance, which drew the visitors to the Turkish Hall, was quite eye-catching. Besides, the bags given away at IMIB’s stand that read “Turkish Stones” helped to direct the visitors to the Turkish Hall.

Dinçer: We’re striving to improve

Aydın Dinçer, president of IMIB, stated that the fair was crucial for the promotion of the Turkish Natural Stone Sector. Dinçer said,” Marmo+mac is undoubtedly one of the most important addresses for the natural stone industry of the world. After Italy, the host, Turkish Natural Stone Sector had the biggest participation in such an excellent organization for the natural stone family of the world. We are doing our best for both the development of mining and marble production in Turkey and the promotion of the brand Turkish Stones throughout the world. I want to thank the bureaucrats that supported us at this fair.”

Marble Trend hits the bullseye

Now us. As we said, Marmo+mac is one of the biggest meetings of the natural stone family of the world. And as Marble Trend, we took pride in participating in this great meeting for the 12th time. We distributed our 49th issue prepared for Marmo+mac, in particular. Besides, we welcomed the sector’s most important representatives at our stand in the service area between the Halls 6 and 7, chasing the best photographs and the most precise news.

Promotion race of fairs

Marmo+mac is a world that brings together all the members of the natural stone family from all parts of the world. Therefore, fair organizers consider Marmo+mac as an ideal opportunity to promote their events and draw exhibitors and visitors. The crews of Xiamen Stone Fair and Vitoria Stone Fair, who participated as exhibitors in the event, spent great effort during Marmo+mac. The Crew of İZFAŞ, which was promoting MARBLE 2020, literally showed off by hanging a massive banner at the Erbe Square, one of the most popular destinations of Verona and holding a reception in the Arena.

Soccer table of Violet Marble!

Alimoğlu’s stand was one of the most eye-catching points of the fair. The soccer table produced at the company’s factory in Izmir served as an entertainment point for many visitors. Made of Violet Marble and weighing 350kg, the table could be finished in a whole week. Authorities of Alimoğlu Marble announced that the table was up for sale for 10,000 Euro.

The heaviest bike

Marmo+mac is a place that broadens your horizon about the incredible results when natural stone and technology meet. The heaviest motorbike of the world welcomed us at the stand of the Italian company Odone Angelo! Made upon the request made by Ducati, a famous motorbike company, this unique bike weighs 450kg. When you put it side by side with the original bike, it gets even more appreciable. Made of Bianca Carrara, the product is an impressive result of a work of 250 hours.