News Fresh blood into world of grey by Semay Marble:...

Fresh blood into world of grey by Semay Marble: Camia Blue


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Fresh blood into world of grey by Semay Marble: Camia Blue

In the natural stone market of the world, grey stones have become quite popular in the last 2-3 years and Turkey has become the leader of grey stone production. Semay Marble has added a new stone to the country’s grey stone collection, which are extracted from all over Turkey. Starting this grey marble’s production in its quarry in Bayat region of Afyon, the firm exhibited the examples of Camia Blue and won acclaim. Aykut Yıldırım, owner of the firm, claimed that Camia Blue would be the most popular stone of 2018 and said, ‘’Our stone is appreciated in China. The fact that its structure is just as wanted and it’s polish compatibility is fine, makes us happy. We’ve started to receive orders from China.’’


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