It’s grey time for Emmidağ: Rolex Grey


Emmidağ Marble has taken another step in production after its three elegant stones

Maroon Marinace, Valencia and Olive Avantgarde… After these three stones carrying the firm to the top, Emmidağ Marble’s new product dazzles the eye as well. Extracted from the firm’s quarry in Azdalay, Kastamonu, the new stone Rolex Grey has already started to be used in important projects. Drawing attention to the stone’s texture with moving patterns and strong reserves, firm executive, Olcay Gündağ said, ‘’We have a production capacity of about 20 thousand tons a year. We export our stone in block form. The interest we drew in the China market made us very happy. We’ve made progress in India as well. We believe that Rolex Grey is a really important stone to be used in projects.’’