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Turkey is a fire scene.

Our currency is melting down, inflation is at its peak, and the people are worried, trying to understand what’s going on.

We are beyond the trial-and-error phase. With a “stubborn” economics policy conducted, we keep doing mistakes.

The policy rate is reduced, but its effects aren’t felt in loans.

Dollar and Euro are on fire, and nobody is able to stop them.

The minister, the vice-minister, the central bank governor get fired every day. One after another.

We keep chatting with our friends in the sector. We hear them talking about the “unfair competition” of some “forces” working off the books in Muğla, the worried traders in Denizli who can’t take another step. The same cases in Afyon, Bursa and Konya. Factories are producing, but everybody is walking into uncertainty.

It’s such a fire scene.

Neither you can estimate risks, nor make an investment plan!

While we can’t get any offers from the printing house to publish, other people in this sector are trying to make investments worth millions of dollars.

They all talk about a new model.

No one is able to name it, nor do they give details about it. According to what we got, it’s about export.

Then what are they doing for the exporters, who are expected to be the foundation of this model?

Have they arranged licensing processes to foreseeable times? No.

Have they arranged license costs in accordance with the world standards?


Has the draft law, which makes mining almost impossible in Turkey, become more reasonable?


Are the security interrogations, which are re-conducted in every single phase, now made in a more acceptable manner?


Has the container crisis been solved?


Many say, “the foreign currency is on fire, good for you.” But do they also ask about the increasing expenses?


And we still expect our exporters to work a miracle in such a situation.

So, there are “no” more words to say.


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