News Production rush by Öner

Production rush by Öner


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Production rush by Öner

Sought-after in Turkey’s basalt production, the firm considers 2018 as a year of ‘’investments’’

Öner Natural Stone is one of the first firms that come to mind when you say ‘’basalt’’ in Turkey. Operating as a Kayseri-based firm and enjoying selling products to prestigious projects such as; Mesa İstanbul and Skyland, Öner Natural Stone is getting ready for new investments in 2018. The board chairman of the firm, Ufuk Akyürek stated that they were looking for new quarries in order to increase their production capacity even more. Akyürek said, ‘’We’ve also decided to renew our machinery. Due to more qualified machines with higher cutting precision, we’ll increase our production capacity as well as our production quality.’’ The firm still continues operating with its 20 thousand square meter capacity. 


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