Who should we reach out to?


A news right before me.

Mevlüt Kaya, the president of Aegean Mineral Exporters’ Association, is calls out to the new mayors elected in the elections of March 31.

He says:

“Make the use of Turkish Natural Stone obligatory in your new projects”

And he’s right.

But one can’t help thinking: “Now that we’re in the sea, why chase little fish?”

Why shouldn’t we make our call to the authorities louder?

One can’t help remembering…

Do you think the associations of this sector could raise their voices enough while Brazilian stones were being applied in Istanbul Airport, which is also the biggest investment made by this country recently?

Can we really solve the problem by calling out to mayors while the news of imported stone use in other airports, as well, keep coming one after another?

We know who we should really call out to… We know who has the authority to make Turkish Stones be appreciated also in their own country.

If we can’t talk about these problems with that authority…

If we can’t make ourselves heard loud and clear…

If we make do with reaching to mayors only

Some mayors might answer our calls if we’re lucky, but we’d better get used to these news about great losses such as Istanbul Airport.