Signature on elegance


Think of a sparkling stone… Think of a stone that adds quality to every project it steps into… Think of a stone that always maintains its popularity challenging all the years. Yes, that stone’s called Cream Karaman… It’s produced by a firm that is one of the first to come to mind when the topic is marble in Turkey. Alacakaya. It carries the name of the Karaman quarry, from which it’s extracted, to every corner of the world. Let’s take a look at the projects this remarkable stone has stepped into… Our first stop is İstanbul… We’re welcomed by a Cream Karaman kingdom that declares its dominance from the lobby of Hotel Grand Tarabya to its corridors and stairways.

It’s the monarch!
We’re still in İstanbul… Just by the bosphorus, which is admired by the whole world… When you step into 5-starred Hotel Shangri La Bosphorus, you’re immediately taken away by the beauty of Cream Karaman and it never lets you go. It adds airiness and nobility to the corridors along which it lies with Bursa Dark Beige. We see that the architects preferred for the other floors only Cream Karaman, the Monarch.

From lobby to bathroom, it’s everywhere
Our new adress is Dubai… We’re welcomed by the same beauty in another 5-starred hotel. We see that Cream Karaman has been selected as the main stone at Waldorf Astoria as well. The stone, which you come across eveywhere from lobby to bathroom, is accompanied by Coffe Brown. Now we go to inner Anatolia, to Malatya… Hotel Ramada Altın Kayısı is dominated by the same stone. Everywhere including the lobby, even as the columns’ covering material Cream Karaman is the main stone. If the preferences of different architects of different perspectives in different hotels meet in one point, all we can do is to thank Alacakaya for having produced this stone.