Take a good look at: Eva Grey – Jüpiter Brown


Launched to the market by Adalya Marble, two new stones drew all the attention on themselves in Xiamen

Being one of the giants of Turkey in natural stone production with its eight quarries and five factories, Adalya Marble has launched two new stones to the market. Jüpiter Brown extracted from the firm’s Akseki Quarry, and Eva Grey produced in Sütçüler Quarry, were presented to the sector in Xiamen Fair for the first time. Eva Grey with its eye-catching colors and Jüpiter Brown with its exellence for projects, won acclaim of not only Chinese visitors but also Australian and Arab visitors. Osman Gülmez, board chairman of Adalya Marble, stated that Eva Grey and Jüpiter Brown are stones with high production capacity and they expect the stones to be used in world-wide famous projects in the upcoming years.