The first beige of Bottocino Beige


Increasing its product variety, the firm has opened another quarry after Onyx and Limra

The first stone coming to mind when we talk about Başerler, is undoubtedly onyx. Adorning eye-catching places with white and perforated onyx, the firm had increased its production variety with a limestone quarry opened in Kaş, Antalya. The last move of Başerler Marble is beige marble, which has always maintained its popularity in the sector. The new stone extracted from the firm’s quarry in Elmalı, Antalya, has been named Bottocino Beige. Firm executive, Ahmet Başer said that the product comes to the forefront thanks to its light shade, homogeneous, hard structure and its availability of being used in every kind of places. Having been presented to the China market for the first time in the Xiamen Fair, the stone is expected to come to the forefront not only in China, but also in Dubai, America and Iraq.