The Own goal!


There’s a person that thousands of people have been recently following with admiration in Turkey.

Prof. Özgür Demirtaş…

He explains economy, the most heated topic of Turkey, in its simplest form and his messages are viewed by thousands of people on social media.

What does he say?

Loud and clear:

“Export is the goal you score, import is the goal your rival scores.

If your rival scores more goals, you lose the match because of current account deficit…”

Which means:

Export is your lifeline through the chaos in the Turkish economy!

It’s the same export that rises all thanks to those people who have to struggle with dozens of licences, cope with quarry expenses, which their rivals couldn’t even imagine, and say “I am going to do this” despite everything!

In such a situation where exporters’ business is made even more difficult via omnibus bills, where licence cancellations are made easier and the industry receives blow after blow, it’s called “own goal” from the point of view of Prof. Demirtaş.

We’re used to all these, though.

Exporting marble to every corner of the world, people of Turkey had to suffer marble imported to be used at the biggest airport of the world, which was under construction in their own country!

These people had to learn to look after their fellow citizens keen on scoring in their own goalpost as much as their rivals in the global market.

May the lord protect us from worse!