The smart way: Akdolam


PIN Architects came first in the Biophilic Marble Garden Design Competition, which was organized by AKDO for architects younger than 40 years old with Nevzat Sayın, Han Tümertekin and Brigitte Weber participating as juries. The design, which was developed using AKDOLAM, which is an innovative marble product of Silkar Mining that integrates the marbles, architects and design projects, will be exhibited at Silkar Plaza beginning from August. In this project signed by Salih Küçükturna, one of the founders of PIN Architects, Mert Sezer and Tuğçe Seda, marble garden, marble and natural planting were combined and an ecological living space was built.

Produced by Silkar
Biophilic Design, which is desribed as the act of designing our living places in an innovative way, carries natural materials, natural light, planting activity, and natural apperances to modern structures and areas surrounding them. At this point, AKDO recommends AKDOLAM, which was produced by Silkar Mining as an innovative laminate product that enables a more flexible and mechanical application of marbles and biophilic values’ presence in indoor places. Providing marble’s integration into modern places with a new approach, AKDOLAM stands for lightness of laminated marbles, cost advantage, simplicity of transportation and application, design flexibility and durability, creating a natural and comfortable biophilic design for living places.