News An 80-wired revolution by Gökyar

An 80-wired revolution by Gökyar


An 80-wired revolution by Gökyar

The development of marble production in Turkey is a topic to be mentioned in encyclopedias. This journey, which started with great effort against many hardships, has achieved a much different position in the market thanks to technological additions. Increasing the quality and speeding up the production phase, this innovation does not stop. During our visit to Gökyar Marble, we once again witnessed the progress made thanks to the technology. It’s such that cut-rock plates are no more. Implementing innovation with wired-cut rocks bought from Italy in the previous months, Gökyar Marble has become the first Turkish company to use 80-wired cut-rocks with the protocol signed in June.

The 210 cm-machine, which is produced by the Brazilian machinery manufacturer Hegel, is called Multifios Delta Wire 2 Force, features 80 wires. Fatih Keleş, the board member of Gökyar Marble, informed us about the machine whose distribution in Turkey is undertaken by Hartek. He said, “We had taken the first step with the 12-wired machine bought from Italy. We could cut blocks up to 120cm with that machine. Hegel’s machine, however, has 80 wires and enables us to work on blocks up to 210cm. We can cut even the biggest blocks at once. These wired cut-rocks have a great advantage in speed and cutting precision.”

Informing us about the investment made to this wired-revolution, Fatih Keleş explained,” We have realized investment of €700,000 for two machines. The wire expenses double the plate expenses. But it’s 4-5 times faster in terms of production and we are able to cut even the most problematic stones. We can cut within a range of 1.2cm to 80cm, and we take pride in being the first Turkish company to use this machine. Keeping up with the innovations in technology and constantly increasing our production quality is essential for us.”


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