News It's called silver, but it's gold

It’s called silver, but it’s gold


It’s called silver, but it’s gold

Muğla Gümüş, produced by Erçakım Mermer, has been maintaining its popularity for years.

The natural stone sector cannot be considered separate from fashion. From time to time, you see beige marble everywhere. Sometimes grey stones dominate the industry.  Also, white is very often the dominant color. And yet, some stones always maintain their popularity, challenging the past years and fashion itself. Erçakım Mermer’s Muğla Gümüş is an excellent example of it. This elegant grey stone extracted from the company’s quarry in Yatağan is sought-after in the world with its two different selections.

“The quarry is quite productive”

Erkan Çakım, board chairman of Erçakım Mermer, emphasized that they had operated in the sector since 1998 and said, “Our quarry is located in Yatağan, Muğla. We produce two different selections called Muğla Gümüş Dark and Muğla Gümüş Light. The productivity of our quarry is crucial for us. We have a rich reserve, and we can extract big-dimensioned blocks, and this helps us meet our custormers’ demands.”

Both blocks and dimensions

Block sale plays an essential role in the company’s sales. Along with the blocks shipped to China and India, the factory is highly busy. Çakım, the company owner, said, “We have a wide product range also in dimensional products. We can produce slabs in the dimensions requested by our clients. We’ve been working with the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel for a long time. Our stone has contributed to some serious projects in Australia and Romania recently.”


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