Natural stone is number one


Architects taking part in the German Natural Stone Association’s study compared natural stone with other materials in terms of beauty.

Aiming at increasing the natural stone use in the world, the German Natural Stone Association (DNV), conducted a market analysis about marble, granite, and other popular types of stone. In the study conducted in February 2019, 240 architects, construction planners, and professionals from different sectors participated. Posing questions to German architects and professionals, DNV tried to find out the advantages and disadvantages of natural stone before other materials. The answers they received revealed the unique beauty of the natural stone. Survey participants emphasized that natural stone was not like any other material in terms of beauty, and the clients who buy it could never get enough of looking at the unique charm of the stone. Natural stone managed to get a high mark in the survey for its longevity, recycling, and sustainability.

Two problems: Price and cleaning

According to DNV’s study, two significant disadvantages of natural stone before other materials is its price and complexity of cleaning. CEO of DNV, Reiner Krug, underlined this detail in his evaluation of the study. Krug said, “Architects are not aware of the variety of natural stone. Therefore, a problem they experience with one stone gets bigger and stains the sector’s image. However, in terms of beauty and decoration, natural stone is number one for the architects. It’s always used  in hotel receptions.”