A different Carrara


No fair, no stand. Just B2B…


My first time in Carrara was in 2002.  İMİB (Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association) had organized the national participation to a fair called Marmotec, and twelve Turkish companies had attended it. Unfortunately, I witnessed it fade away in the following years of my attendance. After a while, they started to organize the fair once in two years, but it did not help. The fair gave up.

For the past two years, they have been organizing a different styled fair in Carrara, the production center of the most famous white stone of Italy where the renowned Italian machinery brands are located. Companies do not set up stands, and visitors do not come. Professional buyers from different parts of the world are invited to Carrara, and they come to meet with Italian stone and machine manufacturers within the scope of a wonderful organization.

In the event organized between June 3-7 under the name of MarmotecHub, 100 delegates from 28 countries, each chosen with great caution, visited the factories and white marble quarries of Carrara in person and were informed about the production. Then various meetings, in which buyers and sellers came together, were made in a hall of Accademia di Belle Arti, which is a place full of artworks in the center of Carrara. Thirty-one Italian companies participated in the meetings, in which a total of 1014 B2B took place. Marmi Yılanlı, Alimoğlu, Koçar, Marmados, Denmar and Emcekare from Turkey and Modern Marble from Egypt were present in the meetings, as well.

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