NewsFeatured Education Announced for Coverings 2024

Featured Education Announced for Coverings 2024


Featured Education Announced for Coverings 2024

Coverings (, the preeminent event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America, has announced a select lineup of featured educational opportunities for Coverings 2024, which will take place April 22-25, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Education at Coverings 2024 will span all tile and stone industry segments with a focus on Coverings’ four learning tenets, which include “Sustainability,” “Health & Wellness,” “Outdoor Spaces” and “Timeless Luxury,” along with a wide range of many other relevant and impactful topics. Eventgoers will be able to benefit from live demonstrations, show floor tours with pre-recorded audio, interactive sessions and partner education.

Coverings 2024’s robust roster of educational offerings will concentrate on the show’s three strategic learning tracks: “Installation & Fabrication,” “Materials & Trends” and “Workforce & Profits.” All learning opportunities have been created to foster professional, business and revenue growth for those working in the tile and stone industry.

The “Installation & Fabrication” track is designed to assist attendees in refreshing their knowledge of industry best practices and staying abreast of cutting-edge techniques in the installation and fabrication of tile and stone. Attendees of the “Workforce & Profits” sessions will gain insights regarding innovative business practices and tactics aimed at enhancing workforce growth and management. Those engaging in the “Materials & Trends” sessions can expect to receive updates on the most recent tile and stone trends, design inspirations and techniques.

Coverings 2024 will also feature four education stages located on the show floor, providing participants with countless opportunities to explore the latest innovations, trends and insights in the tile and stone industry. These stages include the return of the Installation Innovation Stage, Trends & Solutions Stage, Fabricator Stage and the exciting new addition of the Art Tile Stage.

A must-attend Coverings 2024 “Health & Wellness” tenet session will include “Nurturing Well-Being: Exploring What’s Next in Healthy Building.” Attendees of this session will be able to explore the current landscape of healthy building practices, the latest trends shaping the future of the built environment, and the integral role of ceramic tile and natural stone in fostering healthier living and working spaces. A panel of healthy building experts will discuss the ever-growing area of interest that revolves around fostering the physical, psychological, and social health and well-being of individuals, offering participants insights about ceramic tile and natural stone’s pivotal role in shaping environments that prioritize the holistic health of occupants.

Tile Industry Insights: Deciphering Embodied Carbon and Green Architecture and Design,” a not-to-be-missed educational offering under Coverings’ “Sustainability” tenet, will feature an impressive panel of building and design experts examining the concepts of carbon emissions and leading, green architectural initiatives, such as the Embodied Carbon Harmonization Project (ECHO). Showgoers participating in this session will learn about embodied carbon standardization, transparency, accountability and reduction, while also gaining a deep understanding of how such initiatives align with the tile industry’s relevant objectives and why the push for alignment to a clearer definition of embodied carbon is key. Panelists will also explore the latest developments in green building standards, rating systems and regulations, such as the new tiling category added to Building Transparency’s carbon calculator tool EC3 and updates to their building planner tools. These insights aim to keep attendees well-informed and ahead of the sustainability curve in 2024.

“‘Sustainability’ tenet sessions at Coverings 2024 will be complemented by several other curated activations in commemoration of Earth Day, which falls on April 22, the first day of the event,” said Jenn Heinold, president of Taffy Event Strategies, the event management company for Coverings. “These initiatives celebrate and advocate for sustainable design, building and installation practices, offering showgoers many avenues for exploring the eco-friendly aspects of ceramic tile production and usage, and how these methods can lead to a more sustainable future.”

Education from the “Outdoor Spaces” tenet at Coverings 2024 will include numerous engaging sessions, such as “Mastering Outdoor Design and Installations with Tile: From Chilly Nights to Scorching Summers.” Those engaging in this course will delve into the intricacies of outdoor tile design and installations and how best to overcome the challenges posed by harsh natural elements, including the effects of high-temperature environments, moisture and cold climates. A panel of experts will present a comprehensive review of everything from hot and cold weather challenges and moisture management to collaboration with architecture partners. Attendees will avail themselves of not only the best practices for successful installations but also insights into the latest trends in outdoor living, giving attendees the keys to creating functional and visually stunning outdoor oases that seamlessly blend with nature and modern living.

How to Intelligently Penetrate the Affluent and Luxury Markets,” a particularly invaluable session within Coverings 2024’s “Timeless Luxury” tenet, will analyze the unique cultures, distinct perspectives and specialized skills of brands successfully operating within affluent and luxury markets. This presentation will provide showgoers with the keys to understanding luxury from a wealth perspective by dissecting the diverse levels of affluence and uncovering their distinct needs and preferences.

Coverings 2024 is partnering with Green Builder Media and building industry luminary Sam Rashkin to host “Housing 2.0.” This co-located learning opportunity will provide a comprehensive training and education program designed to teach building professionals how to prepare themselves for the massive transformation the housing sector is currently experiencing. Workshop participants will also learn how to adequately withstand various market conditions through helpful insights into future-proofing building businesses. This resource-rich learning opportunity is dedicated to helping building professionals design and construct higher-performance, healthier and more sustainable homes, optimizing the total housing user experience with an estimated 30-70% hard cost savings.

The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone, another Coverings 2024 educational partner, will present “How to be a Professional Architectural Sales Rep to Develop ‘Bullet Proof’ Specifications and Get the Order” at Coverings 2024. This four-hour live classroom training will focus on teaching the essential skills required to excel as a professional architectural sales representative. Participants will dissect the ingredients involved in developing a “Bulletproof Specification,” which are specifications resistant to value engineering.

Those eager to participate in the two aforesaid partner-education workshops are required to register separately and pay a fee to secure their spots by visiting a dedicated co-located sessions page on the Coverings website.

Attendees at Coverings 2024 can expect numerous, additional educational opportunities, offering relevant insights and information about other trending topics in the tile and stone industry, such as “From Tile Setter to Artist: A Creative Transition” and “Global Tile Trends 2024.”

Those attending the “From Tile Setter to Artist: A Creative Transition” session will embark on an inspiring journey with David Arnott, a prominent mosaic artist, to explore how his training as a skilled tile setter serves as a solid foundation for his success as a famed mosaicist. Noteworthy takeaways and insights regarding how Arnott navigated this transition to reach success will be discussed during the course, which will empower seasoned installers and aspiring artists with a deep dive into the relationships between technical expertise, craftsmanship and artistry.

Coverings’ annual “Global Tile Trends” presentation will feature an immersive discussion on the latest product innovations and newest trends for 2024, with an exciting sneak peek into what is next for the tile industry. This highly anticipated session will focus on Coverings 2024’s four tenets and inspire attendees with cutting-edge designs, new techniques and ground-breaking technologies for the tile and stone industry as well as the design and architecture industries.

Prospective and registered Coverings 2024 attendees can gather more information about the strategic learning tracks, key tenets and educational opportunities by visiting the Coverings website. Learn more about Coverings 2024 and register to attend at no cost at

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