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Hail Kemalpaşa White Hail


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Hail Kemalpaşa White Hail

New service building of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, which has a history of 133 years, has been covered with the famous white marble of Turkey

We’re in Kordonboyu, one of the most beautiful places of İzmir, accompanied with the gulf’s view… Among the lined-up buildings resembling a big concrete wall deprived of any historical texture, one building shines through. It has both an appearance integrated with the history of the city and a modern design symbolising the future. It sparkles with Turkey’s world-wide famous marble, Kemalpaşa White. This is the new service building of İzmir Chamber of Commerce with a history of 133 years and more than 80 thousand members…

Kemalpaşa White everywhere
Kemalpaşa White plays the leading role on all exterior, floor and stair coverings of the building of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, whose project was designed by Ayyapı Mimarlık and constructed by KSC İnşaat. In every part of the new building, the white marble produced in Kemalpaşa region of Bursa, catches the eye. Approximately 5 thousand square meters of Kemalpaşa White was used in the building which covers 12 thousand square meters in total. In the entrance hall of the building, an elegant appearance has been achieved thanks to the composition of six motives on the mosaics found in Agora excavation which were crafted on the white marble used in floor laying.

Columns are Verde Antico
Another one of the favorite stones from Turkish natural stone industry, which catches the eye in İTO’s new service building, is Verde Antico. The columns in board of directors department of the building have been covered with this green marble that was produced by Alacakaya Marble.

The same texture as 1922
Stating that 1st Kordon, where the building is located, suffered a great destruction because of the big fire of izmir in 1922, Ekrem Demirtaş, President of the Executive Board of İzmir Chamber of Commerce said, ‘’While designing our new building, we wanted to make a reference to Kordon’s beauty and appearence, which have been sources of inspiration for songs and literature. Our building’s exterior facing the sea has been designed on my suggestion as a marble facade bearing traces of the histrorical building that was located in the area before the fire in 1922.’’


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