The new investment of Şenler: Crema Dena


After the showroom opened in Izmir, the new beige quarry in Afyon, Dinar started operating.

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The Turkish natural stone industry is going through a hard period. However, there are some companies in this problematic period that go full speed ahead instead of downshifting. Şenler Mermer is one of those companies. Based in Afyon, the company actualized another investment after the showroom opened in Kemalpaşa province of Izmir. At the company’s new quarry in Dinar, Afyon a new beige’s production started. Its light color, durability, and compatibility for polishing receive the thumbs up from the company authorities. The stone was named Crema Dena.

The showroom is improving

Mehmet Şen, the company’s sales, and marketing director said that the stone was first exhibited at Marmomacc in Verona and they were generally satisfied with the interest Crema Dena received. Şen said, “We’ll present our blocks to our clients at Bursa Block Fair.” Regarding the showroom built in an area of 5.000 square meters in Kemalpaşa, Izmir, Mehmet Şen said, “We exhibit the elite slabs at the showroom. In the first phase, we had 60 different stones in our stock. Our stone variety increases gradually.”


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