Actual Şenler’s Golden Trio

Şenler’s Golden Trio


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Şenler’s Golden Trio

Neither the economic crisis nor the pandemic or any other thing… Nothing slows down the momentum of Şenler Marble, which is one of the prominent companies of this season. The company is working like the atom ant, so to speak, and the production never stops. Based in Afyon, Şenler Marble now takes pride in enriching its product variety with three new stones. The quarry, where these stones are extracted, is located in Emirdag, Afyon. Caribbean Grey, whose production started in 2019, is smoke-colored and has grey patterns on it.  Caribbean Grey’s solid&dynamic structure and polishing compatibility are at the forefront as its biggest advantages.  The stone, which is convenient as floor material or any kind of wall covering, is now exported to China, India and Italy in block form. Some orders with set dimensions were also received from the United States and the Arab markets.

Two other stones, which can be considered as the siblings of Caribbean Grey, are extracted from the Emirdag Quarry. The one that draws attention with its spider pattern is called “Black Emperador.” The one that has waterway patterns is called “Platinium Grey.” Mehmet Şen, the sales and marketing director of Şebler Marble, said, “The world economy is going through hard times. We launched three new products to the market under such conditions. We’re combining our quality and professional approach with our wide product variety.” The company continues exhibiting more than twenty stones, extracted from eight different quarries, at its elegant storehouse opened last year in Izmir.


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Şenler’s Golden Trio

Neither the economic crisis nor the pandemic or any other thing... Nothing slows down the momentum of Şenler Marble,...

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