Export 2013 spirit

2013 spirit


2013 spirit

  • Raising again by the start of 2017, Turkish natural stone sector increased the export by 16% over the first 8 months of the last year.

  • The revenue of the period January-August 2017 was $1.3 billion, and gave the signals to exceed the $2 billion bar in the year 2013 called as ‘the year of record.

Being one of the biggest natural stone producers in the global arena, Turkey took the wind behind in the natural stone export. Following the tasteless 2015 and 2016 years, Turkish natural stone sector that made a good start in 2017 had important signals in Xiamen and Izmir Fairs. As Marble Trend, we reflected the leap of the export in the first 4 months on our pages entitled “took the wings”. The figures of the first 8 months indicate that the sounds of these wings started to be felt at the peak. To such a degree that Turkey glimpsed for the target of 2 billion dollars in the light of January-August 2017 data, and came close to the level of 2013 that was recorded as ‘the year of records’.

First 8-months revenue $1.3 billion

In the first 8 months of the year 2017, Turkey realized a total of 5 million 234 thousand 928 tons of natural stone and earned 1 billion 362 million 571 thousand dollars. Compared to the same period in the year 2016, the rise in the revenue was 16%. Turkey exported 4 million 160 thousand 988 tons of natural stone and earned 1 million 177 million 461 thousand dollars over the same period last year. Despite the positive scene in the export, we need to underline an important fact here. Although the natural stone sold rose by 26%, the revenue increased merely by 16%. This means that income per a ton diminished a bit more.

A growth of 38% in China

The biggest leap in Turkish export again belongs to Chinese market. The mobility that took place after 3 years of recession in China, the biggest marble importer in the World, also was felt in the figures. Compared to the first 8 months of 2016, the revenue obtained from China increased by 38%. Turkish natural stone sector exported a total of 3 million 104 thousand 975 tons of natural stone to China in the first 8 months of 2017 and the revenue was recorded as 624 million 582 thousand 186 dollars. Let’s underline that this figure is only 5 million dollars behind the level of 629.4 million dollars recorded in the first 8months of 2013.

Increase in India continues

The second biggest block marble market for Turkey following China, India keeps the positive atmosphere. Following the removal of the quotas, Turkish natural stone sector increased its revenue by 80% from the Indian market in the first 8months of 2017 over the same period last year. In the period of January-August 2017, India imported a total of 273 thousand 806 tons of natural stone and paid in return 54 million 152 thousand dollars.

Growth in block by 33.9%

When we look at the bigger Picture in the export of block marble and travertine, it’s possible to say that it goes well. Turkish natural stone sector increased its revenue by 33.97% from the sales of block marble and travertine over the same period last year. Earning 538 million 731 thousand 872 dollars from the sales of blocks over January-August 2016, Turkey succeeded to rise this figure to 721 million 737 thousand 52 dollars. The revenue from the block was 52.9% in the overall export realized by Turkey.

USA stops and processed product revenue down

However, the mobility in the block market is not felt in the processed product market. The export to USA, the biggest market for Turkish processed products, stood still. Compared to the last year, USA market grew merely by 3% over the last year and the revenue was 201 million 520 thousand dollars. The drop of the revenues in Saudi Arabia by 10% and Iraq by 5% respectively can be considered to be the biggest reason in the processed product market. The growth in Australian market by 18% and in Canada by 9% respectively weren’t able to stop the drop in the overall revenue from the processed marble. The overall revenue obtained from processed marble dropped by 1.26% over the same period last year and fell to 466 million 453 thousand 168 dollars.

$80 million-difference from 2013

Let’s get back to our topic at the beginning… Can Turkish natural stone sector finally reach the export figures of the year 2013 called as ‘peak point’ at the end of 2017? In the first 8months of 2013 that ended with a revenue of 2 billion 225 million dollars, Turkish natural stone export was 1 billion 443 million dollars. In the same period in 2017, it has already reached 1 billion 362 million dollars and it seems that Turkish natural stone export will exceed 2 billion dollars set as a target at the beginning. We’ll see altogether whether the record of the year 2013 will be broken or not.

Kaya: 2018 target’s $2.5 billion

Aegean Mineral Exporters’ Association (EMIB) President Mevlüt Kaya assessed the first half of 2017 in this point and pointed also the target for 2018. Pointing out that the export rate of 2.2 billion dollars caught in the year 2013 is a peak for the sector, “With the trend that we have caught in the Chinese and Indian markets in 2017, we have reached an export increase of 16% in the period of January-August. In the rest of 2017, we aim to exceed the 2 billion dollars by increasing our export more. In 2018, reaching the export figure of 2.5 billion dollars is our biggest target” said Kaya.

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