Three exclusive blues

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Pieta Blu, Blu De Savoy and Nordic Blu of Yılanlı will dazzle your eye with their elegance.

Marmi Yılanlı is one of the young firms of the natural stone sector. However, we should underline that it is one of the brilliant ones despite being new. Having attracted attention with its blue stones exhibited at Izmir Fair, Marmi Yılanlı managed to win acclaim also in its first time at Verona Marmomacc. Based in Muğla, the company extracts three marble selections from its quarry located in Yılanlı province. Pietra Blu, which reflects the ocean’s allure, Blue De Savoy with the shades of grey and blue, and Nordic Blu, prominent due to its dynamic patterns, are all candidates to be the sought-after stones of the projects in the new period.

A new showroom opened in Toronto

Hasan Çolakoğlu is the board chairman of Marmi Yılanlı, which founded a new showroom in Canada’s capital Toronto, along with its showroom in Muğla. Çolakoğlu has rolled up his sleeves with Murat Tekdemir (Jim), who has worked in the natural stone sector as an export manager for many years. They are now aiming at growing in the industry. Marmi Yılanlı authorities who have taken action to expand the showroom in Muğla, are quite satisfied with the productivity of the quarry in Yılanlı.

The Italian market is crucial

Hasan Çolakoğlu, the board chairman of Marmi Yılanlı, stated that the operations at the quarry were still going on and he said, “Our quarry in Yılanlı is extremely rich in reserve. Our block productivity is very high for Pietra Blu, Nordic Blu, and Blu De Savoy. All the three stones extracted from our quarry are exclusive. The fact that they’re both blue and transparent is essential for us. We drew a lot of interest from Italy at Izmir Fair. That market is crucial for us. We advance appreciating our stone, and we’ve set our export philosophy following it.