The pearl of your heart


The Black Pearl, extracted from Alacakaya Mermer’s quarry in Diyarbakır, carries nobleness of black to all parts of the world.

It’s a black stone perfectly convenient for polishing.  It has white lines that seem to be dancing along the stone’s surface in harmony with the wind. It is literally a “Black Pearl.” It’s such that the nobleness of its black shade presents you the elegance of pearl. Alacakaya Mermer is the name behind this fascinating beauty. Black Pearl, which has been in production since 2000, continues to be the choice of architects from many countries, remaining a trend and challenging the years.

Exclusive beauty everywhere

The Black Pearl is extracted from Alacakaya Mermer’s quarry in Diyarbakır, Çüngüç. It’s near the Karakaya Dam. Its high production capacity makes it one of the brand stones of the company. The main feature of this stone, which has a production capacity of 3000 cubic meters a year, is that it is convenient at many different points. It’s used on many surfaces such as bathrooms, columns, CNC works, and floor coverings. It contributes significantly to each of them.

An indispensable stone

You can encounter Black Pearl as the floor covering of a hotel in Istanbul, on the columns of another hotel in India, or the walls of a shopping mall. Some architects prefer the nobleness of black for bathrooms. Black Pearl is an exceptional stone also for Alacakaya Mermer. The words of Oğuzhan Arslan, one of the company partners, explain it all, “Black Pearl is one of the prestigious products of our company. Its compatibleness with polishing, durable structure, and high reserve capacity make it an indispensable stone and for that reason, a further explanation is not necessary.”


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