Interviews A “Çınar” isn’t grown easily

A “Çınar” isn’t grown easily


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A “Çınar” isn’t grown easily

Selahattin Çınar, the father of the family, said, “If you want to sit on this chair, you must deserve it first.“, and wasn’t involved in the rest. Having graduated in the US, Canan Çınar went to the factory with worker shuttle, wore the boots, got into the quarry and learned the stone. Finally, Çınar grew up and deserved the chair.

It is just like how La Fontaine fit the whole life in a sentence. “No flowered_road leads to victory.” Success requires effort, time, a lot of hard work. It’s not as easy as it seems! You may think when you’re looking at Canan Çınar, “How nice, she took over her father’s company with her sibling.” But when you hear her story, La Fontaine’s quote comes to your mind. And we set off from Izmir and went all the way to the quarry in Sütçüler, Isparta and listened to the story of Canan Çınar, the second generation manager of Özçınar Marble.

“My dream was to be a kindergarten teacher“
She had her dreams during his years in the high school. She would graduate from Hasan Tekin Ada Highschool, specialise on preschool teaching and maybe she would even open her own kindergarten. But as her father Selahattin Çınar got into marble industry, her life’s course also changed. She recalled her days at the quarry and started to tell her story, “We neither knew the stone nor its selections. To be honest, I’d always had being a kindergarten teacher in my head. I won’t lie to you, opening a kindergarten is still one of my biggest dreams.”

3.5 years of education in the US
Second turning point of Canan and Caner Çınar’s lives took place in the beginning of 2000’s. During a holiday in the US, the family started thinking about sending their children to the country for their education. After researchs, applications and successfully_done exams, the siblings’ new stop was Rochester Institute of Technology. Having studied English language for 3.5 years there, the siblings returned to Denizli as the second generation director candidates of Özçınar Marble. However, they realized that it wasn’t easy to take over Özçınar Marble and sit on the directors’ chairs in the second day of their return to Denizli!

“I used the worker shuttle”
She continued telling us her story as if it was yesterday. “We didn’t start as bosses. Nobody told us, “Here is your chair, come and manage the company.“ Our father called us before him and told us to learn the “essence“ of the business. When we asked how, he answered to our surprise, “It’s not important.” And so, we wore the boots and aprons, started working. I’m not talking about the administrative part of it. We were right in the field. I didn’t have a car. I would go to work by shuttle. I remember crying and refusing to go to work. Especially when I missed the shuttle. It didn’t wait for anybody, why would it wait for me? My dad wouldn’t take me into his car and tell me, “If you missed the shuttle, go find another way to go to work.“ I remember having to go to the factory during the winter, changing two means of transportation and walking a little. I served tea, ran errands, Thank god now I have a room and a table!I learned everything on my own.“

“I was the captain of the handball team“
I’ve never been interested in football, but I’m generally good at sport. I played licenced handball in the highschool for 2 years. I was the team’s captain and its playmaker. When I hear the word handball, it gives me goosebumps. Now I play squash.

“People are surprised to see me“
Being a woman in a sector dominated by men in nice, I think. Leave aside the sale and marketing departments, very few women work in the production field. Our customers are shocked when they come to the quarry. This gives me joy. My dream may have been different, but I liked my job after getting into it.“

“The key to good communication is to be yourself”
We communicate with people from different countries. But I think the key to communication is not speaking foreign languages. My dad, for example, does not speak any. But no matter from which country customers comes from, he uses his body language to communicate and gets them to like him. I think, I’m more like my dad. I might appear cold from outside, but I’m actually a warmer, symphatetic and smiling person as you get to know me. If you act like your true self people will sense it.“


MARBLE: My favorite


OTTOMAN: A brand

KIDS: What I want the most

CANAN ÇINAR: Symphatetic

FOOTBALL: I don’t like it at all




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