Projects That's how it's done in marble sector

That’s how it’s done in marble sector


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That’s how it’s done in marble sector

An hotel, also a source of pride for Turkish natural stone industry, emerged out of the partnership between Pınar Marble and the world-famous hotel chain Hilton in Afyonkarahisar.

Out of the partnership between Pınar Marble, which has an experience of almost a quarter century, and the world-famous hotel chain Hilton, an hotel, for which Turkish tourism and natural stone sectors felt pride, emerged.  Located on the bank of Akarçay, DoubleTree By Hilton Afyonkarahisar Hotel has 115 rooms, a 250 bed capacity, a ball room of 400m2, 3 meeting rooms, a main restaurant and a roof bar. It also includes a natural stone application of approximately 12.000 m2.

Snow White on exterior
The exterior of DoubleTree By Hilton Afyonkarahisar Hotel is covered with Snow White marble which is produced by Pınar Marble at it Kemalpaşa Quarry in Bursa. It’s consists of an application aroun 5000 m2. Almost whole the hotel is covered with this white stone, which is sought-after in the world market, and granted the facility an elegant appearance.

Almond Cream and Olive Maroon
Wall and floor coverings in the lobby of DoubleTree By Hilton Afyonkarahisar Hotel  have Demmer Marble’s Almond Cream as the stone playing the lead. Olive Maroon accompanies this beige stone harmoniously on the elevetor jambs.  A big CNC work of Olive Maroon and Uşak Green with geometrical patterns are right at the entrance of the hotel. The reception counter and the wall right behind are adorned with the export stones of Irish Green, Verde Guatemala and Verde Montagna.

Nimbus White in bathrooms
Çavdarlar Marble’s Nimbus White is present in floor and wall coverings of all the bathrooms of DoubleTree By Hilton Afyonkarahisar Hotel.  CNC applications of Toros Blacks in shower cabins grant an exclusive elegance to the bathrooms.  Such a touristic value, which is covered with the products of marble producers from Afyonkarahisar, emerges when the hotel’s owner and his friends are from the marble sector.


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