Actual Adelsan's priority is quality and trust

Adelsan’s priority is quality and trust


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Adelsan’s priority is quality and trust

Everybody knows that the world economy is going through hard times. However, some companies call every crisis an opportunity, and Adelsan is one of them. Let me tell you their story first.  Uğur Hidrolik, the distributor of 67 world-famous brands in Turkey, and the producer and seller of hydraulic equipment, decided to get into the marble sector three years ago.  Having bought the royalty of Adelsan, Uğur Hidrolik spent its first 1.5 years conducting R&D studies. After that, it launched cutting-edge machinery, which was developed for quarry use, to the marble sector’s service.

The factory, which has an area of 40 thousand square meters in the İmes Industrial District in Dilovası, Kocaeli, is the production base.  Rock and marble drilling machines, manual drilling machines, marble cutting machines, and spare parts for these machines are produced at the factory, bearing the signature of Adelsan. Most importantly, all the machinery is 100% national production. Telling us about the steps they take as a company, Uğur Koşar, the general director of Adelsan Machinery, announces the good news: “The R & D studies we started 1.5 years ago are paying off.  We’ve managed to design our marble drilling machine in a way that it can function on slopes up to 35-40%.”

Adelsan Machinery aims high. The company has rolled up its sleeves to reach to the market share it deserves. At this point, General Director Uğur Koşar emphasizes quality, and says, “Our priority to increase our brand’s recognition is quality. The working conditions of the quarries in the natural stone sector are quite harsh. Through intense studies that we conducted, we mad our machinery convenient for long-term use in harsh conditions without any problems. Now we’re focusing on marketing, sales and advertising. We believe that Adelsan will achieve its goals and reach the market share it deserves very shortly. Our greatest desire is seeing our machinery operating at marble quarries both in Turkey and abroad.”


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