The “Compass” of success


Specializing in the Chinese market, Pusula Marble now climbs up the steps in block export.

It’s clear that 2018 was problematic for Turkey. The statistics were indicating a severe decrease in the Chinese market. But this problem is not the case for some companies! Pusula Marble is one of those companies. We talked with Etkin Chinagiroğlu, the board chairman of Pusula Marble, who was also called to the stage during the organization, “Stars of Export” which was organized by Istanbul Marble Exporters’ Association before Izmir MARBLE Fair. We asked him the secret of this success.

“Keeping abreast of the market is crucial”

Indicating working hard as an indispensable component of success, Cihangiroğlu said, “Our business requires a lot of hardwork. First things first you should know your domestic market well and follow the new products. You must stay abreast of your target market. Wherever the demand is tending, you must notice it first and change the course of production in accordance with it. We have two advantages in this regard. Working hard and having experience. For instance, the interest in grey and white marbles in the Chinese market is obvious. Beige stones are losing popularity. You must see it beforehand and set your new course.”

Aktan Grey and Afyon Blue

Evaluating their success as the 7 best block exporter IMIB member, Pusula Marble’s board chairman Etkin Cihangiroğlu said, “The award we received cheered us and gave us moral. We’ll keep working with the same tempo.” Stating that Aktan Grey and Afyon Blue stones, supplied from the quarries in Adıyaman, Mersin and Afyon, received great interest in China, Chinagiroğlu also said that their Emparador export continued the same.