Actual New adress of elegance

New adress of elegance


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New adress of elegance

Şenler Marble’s new showroom in Kemalpaşa, Izmir, dazzles the eyes with its charming slabs.

There are some places that you never want to leave once you enter. Şenler Marble’s new showroom is just like that. The showroom, which has an area of 5000m2 in the industrial district of Bağyurdu, is no different than an art gallery due to its elegance. Wherever you look, you see Turkey’s spectacular natural stones. Mehmet Şen, the board chairman of Şenler Marble, underlined the fact that there are 60 different slabs in exhibiton and announced the good news that this number would increase.

Top-quality slabs

Stating that their 3000m2 close area had a capacity of exhibiting a total of 20000m2 of slabs, Şen said, “Our goal is to display our top-quality slabs produced at out factory in Afyon here. Being close to Izmir Port is an advantage in this regard. Our showroom was opened in March. We gladly welcomed our guests, which came here for Izmir Fair, with private shuttlers. We filled the place with the highest-quality slabs. We’ll increase our stone variety as well.”


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