I received a WhatsApp message from a friend of mine in the marble industry. A photo of a yellow articulated truck. The caption below was:

“God, these guys manufactured a truck.”

I called him right away to ask who these guys were and

when they produced the truck.

“Eight or nine years ago Şuayp Demirel was saying,

“I’ll manufacture a rock truck one day in a meeting in Afyon.” It was only like a dream, however, I’ve just received the photo. It’s great news for the sector. I wanted to share with you,” said he.

It was October 29, the 96. anniversary of the foundation

of the Turkish Republic…

A Turkish firm starts the engine to try rock truck, which was produced by Turkish engineers, except for its engine. And the truck starts operating for marble quarries.

It weighs 21.5 tons, and has a carrying capacity of 27.5 tons.

These articulated trucks, which could be produced by few foreign companies, were being imported until now.

From now on, they’ll be produced in Afyon.

It’s called DEVE.

Could there ever be a better birthday gift for Turkey?

Could there ever be a better pride for the Turkish Natural Stone Industry and DEMMAK?

Godspeed DEVE. May you achieve great things in the sector.

* DEVE means Camel in Turkish