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Mert Cavalier


Mert Cavalier

He is a man who whispers to horses… who finds peace with the guitar… who lives with passion… he is the young boss of MRT, Mert Emiroğlu…

Sometimes one single word is enough to describe a person… 29 years old Mert Emiroğlu, the young boss of the MRT, is one of them… Yes manful as his name (Mert means Manful in Turkish), successful, charismatic, a perfect gentleman. But the word that describes hin best is “passion”. Whatever he takes up he devotes himself with passion. From horses to guitars, from marble to Galatasaray, in all paths he takes, he knows how to achieve success. In our interview with Mert Emiroğlu, having had a colorful life already at the age of 30 only, we start with his first love, horses. Love for horses, started at as young as 11, made him the star of the National team and gave him the pride of being the champion.

Never ending love for 14 years
He begins with, “When I was in Bursa, I went to see a friend who was interested in horses. I was 11 years old. Everything started there. Once you mount a horse and build bonds with it, you can never quit”. Then, he tells about his trophies on the horses in the next 10 years. After the successes in young and junior classes, the year 2010 was unforgettable thanks to his first National champion title and putting on the National team jersey for the first time. “I won the biggest championship ever in Turkey, the Masters Cup. I am the first and only horseman who had this title because no other horse, nor a rider qualified for this cup from then on”. Later he does private coursed from trainers with Olympic titles. However, since Turkey didn’t qualify because of low national points he couldn’t compete in Olympics, and he considers this as his worst sorrow in his horse riding career. Having ridden in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, almost everywhere in Europe, and even South Africa, Emiroğlu had to give up horse riding because of his chronic backache in 2013.

Galatasaray, the Life bond
It is extremely difficult for anyone to stay away unintentionally from doing things that are loved to be done. Mert Emiroğlu, who now rides horses just as a hobby, had nightmares for two years. What pulled back into life was Galatasaray. While being a fun only until 2012, memberships first, in Galatasaray football club and then GSYIAD (Association of Galatasaray Managers and Businessmen) a new passion was born into his life. “I was a fan in the past but now I am living Galatasaray 7/24” says Emiroğlu and adds, “apart from my involvements in  GSYIAD, I am managing Galatasaray E-spor branch as well. I sleep for five hours a day because I have responsibilities here. Everybody dreams of being the President of the club. It is difficult to achieve but also the best title. My dreams are a little limited. I wish to contribute to Galatasaray management for long years”.

I went into the quarry at the age of 8
If you are Ali Emiroğlu’s son, one of the masters of the sector, marble takes the most important part in your life, naturally. We ask about his first encounter with marble and MRT Mining. He tells, “I went into the quarry for the first time when I was 8. Marble was the center of all talks every time at every lunch. It was such a life that we moved to places where we had a quarry, Bilecik, Bursa, Antalya. When I was 14-15 years old I joined almost all meetings of the executive board meetings of TEKMAR. I wasn’t allowed to say anything but I listened to talks about what was going on, what were talked about. I wanted to stand up after I had to quit sport. I have two quarries now, one in Balıkesir, the Infinito quarry, the other, Carlos Gray quarry in Izmir. As a company we pay great attention to research and development. I traveled to 128 sites in 2016. İt is a great experience. I can say I have a passion for marble too”.

Never without music
The guitar is another passion of Mert Emiroğlu. It is the only way to relax in his hectic work pace. The young boss explains his social life as, “I have no time even for a girlfriend until settling things down in Galatasaray. I have no night life. I am concentrated to my work but when travel to some places on business I prolong my stay a few day for some rest. I relax playing the guitar. Sometimes, I took stage in small places for hobby. Music is one of the musts in my life. I did boxing for a while. I also, had some theater experiences” And we wish a great journey to this passionate young man.  

In single words…

Mert Emiroğlu: a human

Ali Emiroğlu: my biggest idol

Galatasaray: life style

Fenerbahçe: the biggest rival

Marble: family legacy

Horses: inevitable

The Guitar: my breathing area

Politics: area to stay away from

EU: society of criterion

Hagi: My hero

Drogba: strawberry

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