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A world out of Marble


A world out of Marble

Caffe Maroon of Romer, Light Emperador of Demmer, Maroon Marinace, Olive Avantgarde and Ekvator Marmara of Efendioğlu came together to accompany Taymandos Bej. An hotel worthy of Afyon, Turkey’s marble capital, came to light.

Turkey… A land of marble with her cities such as, Burdur, Bursa, Muğla, Balıkesir, Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Antalya and Sivas. It is the biggest producer in this field owing to natural stones with hundreds of colors and  thousands of patterns found with plentifulness in its every corner. No one would oppose I believe, if we considered Afyonkarahisar as the marble capital of Turkey, the land of marble. This time, we’re going to the city of people known for being able to ‘’squeeze out water from stones.’’ In the capital of marble, a literal world of marble salutes us as we step into Akrones Thermal Spa Convention Sport Hotel.

A spectacular beauty
We’d better state an important point. We are welcomed by a beauty that can be encountered in important tourism centers of the world such as, Antalya, Bodrum and İstanbul. The hotel is literally sparkling. Perfect combination of delicacy of natural stone, architectural pureness and elegance gives us the impression of looking at a beautiful painting. Columns adorned gloriously in the hotel makes us feel as if were in a Roman temple or an antique theater. You wonder the signature behind such a glorious work.

An area of 97 thousand sq.m
The hotel granted to Turkish tourism by Taymandos Mermer, one of the representatives of the natural stone sector, bears the signature of Tigrat Mimarlık. Designed by Architect Özgür Murat Balcı, the hotel stands on an area of 97 thousand sq. m. Targeting to contirbute to health, sport and convention tourism in Afyon, the hotel is stated to have 317 rooms. We turn our attention to the topic interests us the most, as a natural stone magazine.

Demmer, Romer and Efendioğlu
The best definition of Hotel Akrones would be ‘’a world out of marble.’’ As the owner of the hotel is a marble trader, it becomes easier to use natural stones, the nature’s gift to humanity, more generously than ever. Dazzling the eye with a total of 40 thousand sq.m. natural stone application, we see Taymandos Bej playing the leading role at Hotel Akrones. Light Emperador produced by Demmer, Caffe Maroon of Romer Mermer and Maroon Marinace, Ekvator Marmara and Olive Avantgarde of Efendioğlu Mermer appear like best supporting actors in Oscar.

Caffe Maroon and Maroon Marinace
We’re proceeding to reception. Olive Avantgarde lies on the reception counter. Harmony it has with Caffe Maroon on the wall just beside it, tells us how right were the decisions made. We approach the Lobby Lounge. Romer’s special emperador selection Caffe Maroon is at the forefront again. Marble facing on the wall is completed by broken stone decoration at the back of bar, making us say ‘’That’s it’’. Another bar area in the lobby is again designed with the same harmony and adorned with columns all around it.

Peace corridor leading to Spa
Simplicity is preferred for the toilets and bathrooms of Hotel Akrones. Taymandos Bej lies there on its own. We go to the Spa. We’re firstly amazed by the broken stone decoration on the wall. Taymandos Bej at the bottom of this work, Caffe Maroon on the columns and their completion transform it to a literal ‘’peace corridor’’. Candles placed on the ground is also a great idea.

Hammam’s signature stone: Ekvator Marmara
Here we are at the hammam. There is no need to wonder the stone associated with hammam. It’s Ekvator Marmara. The fact that this stone of Efendioğlu is furnished  just like a spider web surrounding the navel stone, proves us the mastery of hands involved in this project. The navel stone and bath basins are also encircled by Maroon Marinace produced by Efendioğlu Mermer. Tiles around give color to hammam. And it falls upon us to congratulate Taymandos Marble for granting such a special hotel to Afyon.

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