Projects Prime state of natural stone: Manisa Prime

Prime state of natural stone: Manisa Prime


Prime state of natural stone: Manisa Prime

Think about a project. It consists of a 19-floor 5-star hotel, a 13-floor municipal service building, and a shopping center with a rentable area of 14 thousand square meters of outdoor space. And a project that features beautiful natural stone applications at its every corner. This place looks like a sanctuary made of natural stone. Let us take you to Manisa Prime, Manisa’s new attraction.

The best part of Manisa Prime is undoubtedly DoubleTree by Hilton Manisa. The 19-floor 5-star hotel offers you a visual feast as you step into it. We notice a familiar firm in the natural stone applications of this hotel, which was built with great caution. Teknotaş Marble, which realizes many prestigious places in Turkey and the world, demonstrates its mastership.

Realizing a natural stone application of more than 35 thousand square meters, Teknotaş preferred black and grey marbles, following the latest trend in the last season. The elegant designs made of Alexandrette Black of Davut Marble and Tundra Grey of Yeditepe Doğaltaş, are completed by the exported Calacatta Luciano, Light Beige, and Adria Mink of Yüce Marble.

The main stone in the lobby of DoubleTree by Hilton Manisa is Tundra Grey, however, decorative patterns made with Alexandrette Black and Calacatta Luciano contribute to the beauty of the space. The elegant reception desk featuring Calacatta Luciano in the lobby and designs made with Selim Kılınç Marble’s White Onyx is worth seeing. The elevator frames are covered with Alexandrette Black and the floor is formed with Tundra Grey on the ground floor.

The Spa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the hotel. There’s a Turkish bath for men and women, sauna, adventure shower, steam room, and massage rooms in it and it features elegant natural stone applications from its reception desk to the bath stone, corridors, and bathrooms. The bath stone is in a star shape with an application featuring Calacatta Luciano, Alexandrette Black, Adria Mink, and exported Verde Guatemala. For the basin, Calacatta Luciano was preferred. All along the corridors and the bathrooms, decorations made of Alexandrette Black, Tundra Grey and Calacatta Luciano add elegance to the space. The indoor pool’s main stone is Tundra Grey.

It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that the restaurant floor of the hotel is totally marble. On the floor, we notice beautiful designs made of Tundra Grey and Calacatta Luciano. And the design is completed by Alexandrette Black and Yüce Marble’s Light Beige. The columns have Tundra Grey and all the countertops and tables feature marbles in grey and black shades. The 210-room hotel’s bathrooms were all covered with Tundra Grey and the elevator frames of other floors have Adria Mink as the main material. The outdoor floors of Manisa Prime and the rentable 14 thousand square meter space of the shopping center were covered with basalt.

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