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More than a fair


More than a fair

Having opened its gates on 27-30 September 2017, Marmo+mac once again proved to be ranked on the peak of Natural stone fair organizations

1650 companies from 56 countries opened their stands; 68.000 people from 147 countries visited the fair; Turkey showed off with 134 companies; the heart of world natural stone sector beat in Verona

Easy in words but imagine companies, each prestigious as others, displaying their products; visitors from all over the world are rushing there to see the latest developments in the sector; most beautiful work out of the unity of art and stone welcome you, and marmot+mac, goes on its journey without any sacrifice from its professionalism, renewing its own records. Organized in Verona on 27-30 Sept. 2017 for the 52nd time, Marmo+mac International Stone, Design and Technology Fair once again pioneered as the heart of the sector and made us say, “more than a fair”.

68.000 visitors from 147 countries

In Marmo+mac this year, there has been a small decrease in the number of participants compared to last year. While there were 1670 companies in the fair in 2016, there were 1650 companies this year. Number of participant countries increased from 52 to 56. While 40 % of the participants were Italian companies, the fact that 60 % were foreigner participants, confirmed the ınternational identity of Marmo+mac. As for the number of visitors, Marmo+mac was able to improve its record. The fair, organized in 12 halls on an area of 80.000 sq. meters was visited by 68.000 visitors from 147 countries.

134 participants from Turkey

Having been amongst the biggest block marble producers, Turkey was one of the lead actors in Verona. Turkey’s national participation organization was conducted by IMIB (Union of Istanbul Mineral Exporters) for the 8th time. Turkey delegation took place in Verona with 134 companies constituted by 63 companies with national participation and 71 individual. Last year Turkey was represented by 185 companies in Marmo+mac. The main reason for the decrease this year is the termination of UR-GE that enabled participation of 61 companies last year.

Turkish companies in hall 10

The addresses of a big majority of Turkish companies was once again hall 10, in other words “Turkish hall”. While the visitors were being directed to hall 10 through huge signposts at busy points of the fair, the giant arch cover on the gate to hall 10 with the motto, “limit is the sky, discover the potential” was noticed. An opportunity of face to face talks with customers was provided in the face to face section organized by IMIB. Apart from the Turkish hall, some Turkish companies displayed their products in halls 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12.

11 companies in the outdoor area

11 Turkish companies took place outdoors. Having been outstanding with onyx production and its new stone Temiros Oro, Ivme Marble; MRT with its stand covered in its eye catching stone, Infinity; Olimar with its collection in diverse patterns and Tekmar, one of the leading companies of the sector, were able attract visitors.

Danese: “We are the leaders”

Following the fair, the hosting Italian authorities were pleased. The president of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese emphasizing the number of participants visitors the fair reached said “The numbers confirm that Marmomacc is the leader of the global trade. 1650 companies taking part here attracted 68.000 visitors from 147 countries. Our fair this year provided a medium for expanding the trade, which was one of our objectives, and also important contracts were made.

Emphasis on international identity

Giovanni Mantovani, the CEO of VeronaFiere, also stressed on the international identity of the fair when evaluating Marmomacc 2017. He said, the fact that 60 % of the participants was constituted by foreigners brings forward the international characteristics of Marmomacc. We are observing that the fair is gaining importance. This year, interest from African countries has grown. We aim to continue the international effectiveness of the fair and take it even further. In this direction, we have already signed important contracts with the Chinese”.

Purchasing delegation organization

Purchasing delegation organizations we have been familiar with from all fairs have appeared in Marmomacc in a different way. Delegations from various countries of the words came together with participants in Palaexpo hall. Ten-minute talks helped international trade to improve. At the same time, delegations from India and Pakistan paid official visits.

Blocks dazzled

Apart from processed products, natural wonder blocks welcomed the visitors of VeronaFiere. As it has been the same every year, dazzling blocks, each second to none, in unique colors and patterns were in front of the main gate. Admiring stares and touches of the visitors entering the fair formed unique pictures.

Hartek and MKS are playing big

Marmo+mac is an important fair for natural stone machinery and subsidiary product manufacturer companies as well as natural stone producers. In this regard, lots of Turkish machinery and subsidiary product companies took place in VeronaFiere. Hartek, turning its routes to the USA market following its successful lead in African market, hosted its guests at their enlarged fascinating stand. The first machinery company which participated in VeronaFiere, MKS was the center of attention in hall 2.

Ceramic manufacturers challenge

The most important threat for natural stone sector has been ceramic in the last years. Being able to produce tiles as big as desired and imitating marble patterns identically by making use of rapidly developing technology, ceramic manufacturers literally challenged the sector. The Laminam stand in hall 12 was among the liveliest stand at Marmo+mac owing to their products which are impossible to distinguish from marble and the shows they put on the stage.

Watch “Cersaie” effect

Doubtlessly hats off to the professionalism and potential of 52nd Marmo+mac but we should also underline the drawbacks. First of all, the effect of the fact that Cersaie ceramic fair, held on 24-28 Oct. 2017, coincided the first day of Marmo+mac was among the complaints of Marmo+mac participants. They complained about the calendar coincidence of Marmo+mac and Cersaie fair which hosted 111.604 visitors in 2017. Internet access problems in some of the areas in the fair was also a matter of complaints.

A Turkish President for WONASA

There was an election in Verona, pleasing for Turkish natural stone sector. The owner of Şayakçı Stone, Ali Şayakçı was elected the president of WONASA (World Natural Stone Association). On the second day of the fair, the new management led by Şayakçı organized a reception inviting prestigious natural stone magazines of the world. In the meeting, where there was only Marble Trend from Turkey, precautions to be taken by Natural stone sector against ceramic threat were discussed.

The unity of natural stone and technology

One of the irresistible entities of Marmo+mac is undoubtedly the Italian Stone Theater in hall 1. The area where designs, each second to none, born from the unity of natural stone and technology were displayed, was not less than an art gallery. Particularly the marble chandelier, “Rezzonico” by Rafaello Galiotto had a haunting beauty. Visiting the Italian Stone Theater was enough to understand why the motto of the fair is “Yes, you can make it with stone.”

Fuarcıların tanıtım yarışı

Marmo+Mac aynı zamanda fuar ekiplerinin tanıtım faaliyetlerinin de merkeziydi. İZFAŞ yetkilileri, yaptıkları bire bir görüşmelerin dışında fuarın uluslararası boyutunun artması için büyük çaba harcadı. Servis holündeki standında yerini alan Vitoria Stone Fair ekibi de 2018’e yönelik çalışmalar yaptı.

The best stand award to AKDO

A Turkish company reached the summit in the competition among the stands, each being as eye catching as others. Visiting all stands, the Jury evaluated the stands against criterion such as, uniqueness, authenticity and emphasis on values, and selected Akdo as the best of the international category. In the international category of the 11th best stand competition, honorable mention award went to Julipedra of Portugal and in the category for Italian companies, the best stand award was given to Errebi Marmi and the honorable mention award went to Cava Romana. In design category, Pavlidis was selected the best of the international category and Tosco Marmi was given the honorable mention award.

Marmo+mac moved to Arena

Marmo+mac is such a fair whose effect is visible everywhere in Verona, especially in Arena square. In Arena, where all places are full of people and where we kept seeing familiar faces all the time, one could see the exhibition “Marmo+mac and the city”. 12 elegant works of art, displayed in Italian Stone Theater last year moved the magic of marble from VeronaFiere to Arena.

Next year on 26-29 September

Yes, once again, Marmo+mac was able to set the trends in world natural stone sector. Especially, with its number of participants, it reminded “Marble”, hosted by Izmir, of the long way to cover and enabled the participants return home with smiling faces. The 53rd edition of the fair is to be organized on 26-29 Sept. 2018.

Tenth year of Marble Trend in Verona

Marmomac, the summit of natural stone fair organizations, brought together all important sector magazines as well. Together with lots of international magazines, we took our place for the 10th time in the press area in between 6th and 7th halls. While handing out the 42nd issue of our magazine, we strived to keep the pace of the fair and capture the best pictures during four days. Our Italy correspondent Melike Yılmaz Rosignoli hosted the esteemed representatives of Turkish natural stone sector and also informed visitors from all over the world about our publications.

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