An obligatory writing



We asked for print quality photos of the prize winning pieces at the 6th natural stone competition organized by IMIB (Union of Istanbul Mineral Exporters). It was only to be able to reflect the efforts on our pages better. Friends at IMIB requested a written request due to the fact that management was taken over by the General secretariat at that time, and we did so. But no one bothered to answer!


When IMIB was on the way to extraordinary general assembly, we asked for the election list of 2014. They wanted a written request again. We did so, but no one bothered again.

And the final step,

With ethics of our job, we traveled from Izmir to Istanbul to follow the congress as journalists who know the importance of IMIB for the sector but by the directives of his majesty, we weren’t allowed in the hall.

When we asked about the rationale for this decision, Mr. Armağan Vurdu, the General Secretary of IMIB said it didn’t aim us personally and that they let the members who are eligible to vote only.

They were so kind this time. They responded…

We concluded in the end that…

No matter you graduate from an esteemed university such as METU, do a masters’ degree in England, service in Rome or London, it doesn’t happen, and the repressive mindset doesn’t change easily.

But what we didn’t understand as a 20 year-long journalist was…

What holding the extraordinary general assembly of one of the biggest exporters’ union close to the press meant.

What was meant to be concealed from members, public opinion…

Despite the reactions for letting us in the election both from Ali Kahyaoğlu and Aydın Dinçer, where does the power to say “no” comes from?

After all these, we had the opportunity to take pictures of the new board following the election, we heard from the new President Aydın Dinçer that from then on, a special chamber for the press would be allocated for the press.

This must be “Enlightenment”!