Editor Our look at 2020

Our look at 2020


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Our look at 2020

Who would’ve thought that we would miss the routine one day?

The good times in which we could shake hands with our loved ones and hug them are now far far away.

And what about the fairs?

Those fairs, those natural stone festivals in which we met our beloved friends, and appreciate the newest and best products…

You understand the value of something when you lose it.

Without fairs, we make little tours to see the situation in the sector.

What we’ve gathered is that:

*The sector has got rid of the early crisis of the first days of the pandemic. Wherever we went to, we saw people working hard. There is a reason why we call them “the people who squeeze out water from a stone.”

*There’s a mobilization that’s going on especially in the processed product market. The operation pace at the factories is very high.

*The block market is a little more stable than that of dimension.

*The increase in grey quarries continues. For the time being, the most popular region is Yılanlı. The beige market is getting slowly better.

*Presentation makes a huge step forward. Spectacular showrooms are opened every day. The beauty of Turkish stones meets qualified presentations.

*And the young people. They are at the forefront with their energy, dynamism, and diligence. We hear the Y Generation’s footsteps louder every day.

*The number of those who turn crises into opportunities is not low, at all. New factories are opened, new administrative buildings are constructed and new machines start operating at new quarries.

This is the current situation in 2020. We have only one question in our minds: How will 2021 go?


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