Projects A golden touch on the natural stone: Panula Balat

A golden touch on the natural stone: Panula Balat


A golden touch on the natural stone: Panula Balat

The real estate sector is undoubtedly one of the prominent sectors on the rise in Turkey. Every day new projects emerge, each of which is new and spectacular. However, those projects making difference with their design and elegance have something in common: Natural stone. Without any doubt, natural stone makes each project different, adds quality, making them shine out. For such a project, we take you to Bursa. To Panula Balat, which unites nature with the city in Balat, the new attraction center of Bursa.

Drawing attention with its 210 flats, 51-shop market, and 19.100 square meters of green area, Panula Balat is a highly elegant project accompanied by natural stone appliances bearing the signature of Oğuz Konuk Marble. This project, in which almost everywhere we see elegant designs, features more than 7 thousand square meters of natural stone. Especially the appliances in its residence are spectacular with Davut Marble’s Bruno Perla as its main stone.

Residence entrances and dining areas shine out as the places where Bruno Perla is exhibited with all its beauty. This elegant stone lying on the floors of the dining rooms has achieved a wonderful harmony with a Palissandro book-match placed on the wall. The black-white contrast has made the dining section outstanding. Bruna Perla was used flawlessly on the stairways of the residence. For other stairways in the project, Rustic Green was preferred.

Patterns formed with Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquin are present on the floors of the kitchens and master bedrooms. And again, the perfectness of black-white contrast shines out here. However, the Bianco Laso appliance on the bathroom wall is a spot-on move. This book match here has added a magnificent atmosphere to the bathroom. Black Leather on the counter of Pari Restaurant, Tundra Grey in the indoor pool, and Latte Beige in the elevator frames are the other stones that were used. Oğuz Konuk Marble preferred the Idyma collection of Coante for the kitchens and bathroom counters of the standard flats.

Project name: Panula Balat Bursa

Architect: Filiz BÜR

Natural stone appliance: Oğuz Konuk Marble


Bruno Perla (Davut Marble), Idyma (Coante), Rustic Green (HP Marble), Latte Beige (Yeditepe Doğaltaş), Tundra Grey (Emmioğlu Marble), Palisandro, Nero Marquin, Bianco Lasa, Bianco Carrara, SPA Black, Black Leather.


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