Turkey’s Calacatta


Çobanlar Marble’s stand at Izmir MARBLE Fair was adorned by a message given via a map.

It’s extracted in Muğla. It’s appearance and elegance makes it indistinguishable from Calacatta, one of the most exclusive stones of the world. This attracts the question about Calacatta Oro: “Is it an Italian stone?” Tired of the question, Sedat Öksüz, the board chairman, and the company executives got into pursuit of an original answer to be given at Izmir MARBLE  Fair. The matter was discussed in detail during a board meeting of Çobanlar Marble and a decision was made. The stand of Çobanlar would be adorned with a map of Turkey made of Calacatta Oro. That’s how the Turkey map, in front of which people raced to take a photo, was made.

“The message has been received”

Hasan Duru, General Coordinator of Çobanlar Marble, expressed that they were congratulated a lot of people fort he map made of Calacatta Oro during the fair. He said, “We wanted to give the message that Calacatta Oro was a stone extracted in Turkey and exported to all over the world. We think that we’ve managed to do it. The message has been received. The map was made by Calacatta Oro which is 2cm in depth. It was finished around 3-4 days. We hung it to the best position in our offıce.”