From Saraycık to Jakarta…


İvme Marble’s onyx adorns a five star hotel in Indonesia.

We have İvme Marble, the most renowned Turkish company in onyx production, on one side. The company, which has two quarries in Saraycık, Manisa and Tokmaklı, exports almost all its production. Grey, Grey Bubble, Lifora, Velluto, Matrix, Avatar are some of the onyxes that it presents to the world.

And on the other side we have Fagetti, the most famous Indonesian company in the natural stone field. The company, which supplies natural stones to many countries along with Turkey, put its signature under the most prestigious projects in the country. We’ll reveal to you a five star adventure that starts from Saraycık to Jakarta thanks to the partnership between this duo.

JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong is a spectacular design and architecture wonder. The five star luxurious hotel is comprised of 144 rooms and suits. The main stones of this glorious project are Grey and Grey Bubble onyxes produced by İvme Marble at its quarry in Saraycık.

As soon as you step into the hotel you’ll feel as if you’re in an onyx paradise. You don’t get to see a lot of lobbies whose floor, walls and columns are all covered with onyx. Coming up with such a spectacle of onyx would only befit a stone master such as Fagetti.


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