Projects Aris Silver sparkle in China

Aris Silver sparkle in China


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Aris Silver sparkle in China

It all started when Murat Hocaoğlu and Çiya Cengiz, two friends who have spent their years in the natural stone sector as engineers, decided to act shoulder to shoulder. They formed a brand-new company and named it Aris Mining. Based in Mersin, the company, which was founded in 2017, started taking confident steps in a short time. The new product from the company’s quarry in Erdemli, Mersin, is called Aris Silver. In this period, in which grey emerges as the dominant natural stone, Aris Silver managed to draw all the attention thanks to its color and polish compatibility.

China plays a leading role in the marketing strategy of this new and successful company in the sector. Almost all the blocks extracted from Aris Mining’s quarry are exported to China or Thailand. They meet slab demands from the United States, Canada, and Israel, as well. The projects in which Aris Silver is applied are indeed spectacular. Compatible for every use with its light shade, it is quite advantageous in this matter. Sometimes it adds elegance to a place on the ground, sometimes it stands out with its appeal on the walls of an office or a wonderful villa. Sometimes on the stairs, sometimes behind the TV unit.

Murat Hocaoğlu, a board member at Aris Mining, is quite satisfied with the progress made by the company. He states that he’s taking pride in the interest Aris Silver has received in the sector and continues, “We’re a new company, however, both I and Mr. Çiya have gained experience in the sector for many years. This is an advantage for us. And the popularity of our stone reveals that we’re on the right track. We’ll increase our production capacity at our quarry in Erdemli, Mersin to meet the heavy demand.”


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