Xiamen Stone 2010

Editor Ball on the centre circle!

Ball on the centre circle!


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Ball on the centre circle!

Having spent 20 years of my life in sport pages, I evaluate the occasions I see in a sportive way. Let’s do it my way and write about the upcoming election in İMİB (Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association) just like a sport writer…

The host is Aydın Dinçer, since he is the president… He’s young, energetic and dynamic. He clearly outdid Ali Kahyaoğlu, former president, by receiving 87 more votes just 5 months ago. He currently has a self-confidence of a team winning a derby match. The last champion has protected most of his first 11. He carries on with the same team except for a few changes.

Ergün Efendioğlu stands on the other side… Having lived through many elections, he is experienced. His list resembles a complete team of Real Madrid including Zidane, Beckham, Roberto Carlos. You stop to think a little and say “Home team or away game, it matters not. This team goes for three points in every course no matter what.’’

The other candidate is Selçuk Çevik… Just like a gifted player in infrastructre that climbs his way to the top. But he’s not satisfied. He convinced Ali Kahyaoğlu, the former president protecting his title just like Aziz Yıldırım has been doing for 20 years, to join his team.

It’s such a competition that you wouldn’t be surprised if the match’s result was decided via penalty shootouts!

The thrill of election isn’t limited to İMİB only. EMİB (Aegean Mineral Exporters’ Association) has the same excitement. Mevlüt Kaya, Şener Bayyurt and Halil Öksüz are ready for competition. Even if we have some ideas shaping in our minds about the possible winner of this election, we should keep in mind that the ball is round!

This will probably be the first plenary session organized with three candidates in both associations. It seems to me that İzmir Fair will be just like transfer season of football, both teams will work hard to increase the number of their supporters.

At last, the ball is on the centre… The match is about to start. One side wins and the others lose. All that matters is the friendship’s victory inside the court, and the sector’s victory outside the court. Because, many problems such as the decrease in revenue per ton and licence issues, are around the corner. Focusing on little struggles instead of the problems in the sector is the last thing we need.

In that case…

Y’all come here, promise us, and let friendship be the winner.


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