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Gökova Hotel: A blue paradise


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Gökova Hotel: A blue paradise

What place do you think of when one mentions paradise? Some are amazed by the magic of the Bosphorus. Some say “Istanbul” and some indicate Çeşme, Bodrum or Antalya. For the writer of these words, the answer is Akyaka, the paradise on earth. With its green and blue color, Azmak river, and unique architectural beauty featuring Nail Çakırhan’s touch, Akyaka is heaven on earth. Here we are in Akyaka, at Gökova Hotel which is one of the cozy and merry points of this province. From its lobby to the rooms and bathrooms, the hotel is adorned with many exquisite blue stones, which is quite familiar to us, actually.

The hotel belongs to Marmi Yılanlı, which is one of the companies shining out in the natural stone sector. This being the case, this generous way of using many elegant marbles does not surprise us. Marmi Yılanlı, which is the producer of the exquisite stones Pieta Blu, Nordic Blu and Sapphirus Blu, has adorned Gökova Hotel with them. That’s what you’d expect from a shining star in the marble sector. Once you step into this cute boutique hotel, you are welcomed by Rose the dog, which has become the symbol of Gökova Hotel, and Sapphirus Blu stones in the lobby.

With a way more elegant appearance due to the renovation carried out last year, the hotel’s kitchen part and corridors again feature Sapphirus Blu. This 3-floor hotel has different selections in each of its rooms. Some rooms feature the amazing blue shade of Pieta Blu, whereas some feature Sapphirus Blu on the floor. One of the parts where the beauty of the natural stone is appreciated crystal-clear is the bathrooms. Simple, elegant, and awe-inspiring.

Hasan Çolakoğlu, board chairman at Marmi Yılanlı, states that Gökova Hotel promises its guests a joyful stay and underlines that they intend to bring natural stone to the forefront. Then he adds, “Our hotel was extensively renovated last year. We’ve used our own stones like Sapphirus Blue that we extracted at our quarry in Yılanlı. We receive quite positive feedback and we believe that the beauty of natural stone has achieved a great harmony with the beauty of Akyaka.”


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