Granada Luxury Beach


10 spectacular natural stones came together with the craftsmanship of Serkaya Mining and an awe-inspiring beauty emerged.

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One of the most preferred holiday destinations of not only Turkey but also the whole world. A tourism capital with its sunny weather, heavenly bays along which blue and green lie in harmony. Antalya. We take a deep breath from the relaxing air of Antalya, and head to this paradise’s most modern province, Alanya. To Avsallar Tourism Center. We step into the Granada Luxury Beach Hotel, which was founded to give a new lease of life to the industry.

Signed by Serkaya Madencilik

Seen from outside, the hotel resembles a world of blue and white. Its construction was initiated in November 2018, finished by June 2019. The hotel, which started operating in the Turkish tourism industry, resembles a world of blue and white. The facility, which was built on an area of 10.000m2, has 382 rooms. Granada Luxury Beach Hotel bears the signature of Nuri Bora from the company Bora Mimarlık. In natural stone selection and application, the quality of Serkaya Madencilik is noticed.

10 different stones in 20.000m2

Easier said than done. Granada Luxury Beach is adorned with 20.000m2 of natural stone. In the hotel where simplicity and elegance come together, you’ll witness the absolute harmony of 10 different natural stones perfectly applied. Serkaya Beige and Toros Black are at the forefront as the main stones of the project. It’s noted that these two stones are accompanied by Golden Tobacco at many points. After receiving general information about the hotel, we take a look at the other points of the hotel and get fascinated by the magic of natural stone.

Serkaya Beige dominates the lobby

Their hobbies are like the business cards of hotels. They welcome you, fascinate you with their glory and influence you. Just like how it is in Granada Luxury Beach. The dominance of Serkaya Beige, which is produced by Serkaya Madencilik, is noticed in the lobby of the hotel. The CNC work placed at the entrance of the lobby has an eye-catching beauty. The harmony emerging out of Golden Tobacco and Toros Black’s accompanying to Serkaya Beige is to be appreciated. We see that this elegant design is completed with the statues and the piano placed right in the middle of the CNC application.

Onyx glitter at the reception and the bar

The reception desk is one of the most attractive points in the lobby. When the floor covered with Serkaya Beige reaches the onyx stones placed on the front side of the reception desk, a great harmony emerges. Ice Jade, which was exported from Brazil and placed to the front side of the reception desk, is like the final touch on an amazing painting. We proceed to the bar. We can say that the columns, whose lower parts are adorned with Toros Black, catch perfect elegance with the onyx placed behind the bar.

Utterly magnificent

We’re at one of the jaw-dropping points of the hotel. The door frames of the elevators are utterly magnificent. The beauty of the onyx adorning the walls, Serkaya Beige and Toros Black on the floor form an absolute harmony. Onyx adorns the exterior of the panoramic lift at the lobby and this choice has contributed greatly to the hotel.

Snow White of Pınar Mermer

We proceed to the restaurant. At the long corridors Snow White, which is extracted at the Bursa Quarry of Pınar Mermer, welcomes us. This elegant white stone lies all along the corridor with Toros Black. Snow White has a strong presence also at the Far East restaurant. Pınar Memer’s Snow White, which is decorated with Toros Black, catches a great harmony with the red shades of the restaurant. Çiftyıldız Mermer’s Honey Onyx is preferred for the counter of the restaurant.

A classic in the Turkish bath

We’re in the spa section. The statue at the entrance, the onyx applied on the walls and CNC made by applying Toros Black on Serkaya Beige, salute the guests. We encounter Ekvador Marmara as a classic in the bath section. The transverse color harmony caught with Toros Black is completed by a CNC in the middle where Golden Tobacco is also present. Ekvador Marmara is preferred for the bath basins. In the bathrooms of the rooms, Silver Grey is preferred. And what’s left for us to do is to congratulate Serkaya Madencilik’s craftsmanship in natural stone use and selection.