President of WONASA
(World Naturel Stone Association)

Hello to those who devoted their soul, labor and everything they have to natural stone…
I would first like to share with you the good news for our sector.
WONASA, “world Union of Natural stone” is an organization established by the participations of leading natural stone companies of the world.
In rapidly changing world economy, it was established in order to focus on natural stone related issues and to encourage and promote the use of natural stone. The organization deals with trainings and informing of natural stone users and professionals. Functions in environmental platforms owning the values of natural stone such as its green features and environment friendly character which are often ignored by the sector.
I took over the WONASA presidential flag on behalf of our country at the ceremony last September. This is a first for Turkey and a big responsibility for myself. I will try to make a difference bringing our common issues with other marble producing countries on the agenda and promote our natural stones working shoulder to shoulder with exporters’ Unions of Istanbul and Izmir and TÜMMER. I am committed to use this flag in favor of our sector.
To start with, we are exchanging ideas with the biggest producers of the world on; how to deal with ceramics sector whose members have been imitating our products to gain some unjust share from our market; and what strategy we should build. We believe we must do something.
I am going to share with you the steps we are going to take and my observations of the problems in our sector that need to be solved here on this column of Marble Trend.