There are two natural stone related fairs in Dubai. The Big 5 Show and Middle East Stone…
Main organizer of both is dmg Events and their Turkey representative is Expotim.
The Big 5 Show we have been following for the last ten years, is the heart of construction sector in the Middle East and project owners’ playground. Because of this, the fair bursted out of the Maktoum Hall in World Trade Center.
Then, the main organizer of the fair started another fair, “Middle East Stone” in 2015 and started to direct companies to the new fair. We don’t know whether it was because of hot temperatures in May or failures in promoting the fair, the fair didn’t meet expectations in the last three years. So the organizer re-scheduled the fair in early September for 2018.
It was welcome all right…
First, the company marketing the fair in Turkey forwarded a document signed by Matt Denton, executive for operations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, stating that Natural stone companies wouldn’t be accepted to the Big 5 Show.
It was also welcome…
At the end of the day, it is their fair and they have the right to regulate their own fair but now things have changed again. This time Denton says “I will accept you to the Big 5 Show as long as you participate in Middle East Stone too”.
In other words, “If you don’t participate in my weak fair, you can’t participate in my strong fair either”.
On top of that, the period between the two fairs is only two months.
In short, it is “imposition”.
I wrote an e-mail to Matt Denton to double check if there was a misunderstanding and also if this was only for Turkish companies.
Instead of the Executive, Denton, his deputy, Faye Black replied and confirmed the decision adding all countries in the world would be subject to the decision.
If dmg Events wants to market its services in a free trade environment, No one has anything to say to that!
Let me give an example to clarify the situation. World famous brands such as, Antolini Luigi and Levantina will demand spaces in the Big 5 Show to participate. The reply will be “if you don’t join Middle East Stone you can’t join the Big 5 Show”.
Can you agree with this?
Can Marble unions in Italy and Spain keep silence against this?
They will make a fuss out of this.
We, as Marble Trend Magazine, will be the watchdog on this.
If someone is making plans to make unjust profit in Dubai over Turkish companies, it is our duty to reveal and document this.
Dmg Event’s main unfortunate situation is that from now on, TUMMER, EIB and IMIB are acting together. If apocalypse is eminent, Turks will blow it up!