Export The Great Wall against Turkish export

The Great Wall against Turkish export


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The Great Wall against Turkish export

The regression in the Chinese market cannot be stopped; the export of the Turkish Natural Stone Industry’s export continues to decline. Making $1,703 billion in the first eleven months of 2019, Turkey suffered a decrease of 3.64% compared to the same period of 2018.


It is life’s nature. Sometimes your mainstay becomes your weakness. The things that boost your confidence, your sources of strength might disappoint you and make you feel in the void. It’s just the case for Turkey’s presence in the Chinese market. China is undoubtedly critical for the Turkish Natural Stone Industry, and the statistics reveal it all. Almost half of Turkey’s natural stone export income comes from China. The smallest of problems emerging in such a critical market may result in more severe problems. That’s what we should keep in mind examining the statistics of the industry regarding the first eleven months of 2019.

Sales decreased by 5.59%


We start with the overall statistics. Exporting a total of 6.532.261 tons of natural stone in January-November 2019 period, Turkey made $703,283,400. We notice a decrease of 5.59% in the amount of products sold and 3.64% in income from export. When we examine the statistics further, China, our biggest buyer, emerges as the source of the problem.


The lowest income for the last seven years


Exporting 3.122.387 tons of natural stone to China in the first 11 months in 2019, Turkey made $643,030,235 in total. Compared to 2018, the income decreased by 11.7%, and the total amount of natural stone exported by 16%. From a broader perspective, it’s revealed that this is the lowest we’ve made in the Chinese market since 2012. The fact that the income from China, which was recorded as $882 million in the 11 eleven months of 2017, decreased $240 million, makes clear the problem in this market.


The loss in the block market is $85 million


Due to the situation in the Chinese market, it’s inevitable to suffer similar consequences in the block market, in which China plays the leading role. The regression in the first 11 months of 2019 is 12.4%, while the income decreased by 9.6%. The Turkish Natural Stone Industry made $796,688,000 in exchange for 4.114.307 tons of block marble sold in total. Compared to the first 11 months of the last year, the total income decreased by $85 million. The most striking point of block export is the increase in the amount of blocks sold to Italy. As the amount of block marble sold to the country increased by 45.6% compared to the first eleven months of 2018, our income was recorded as $15.6 million.


The regression in the USA is 5.8%

Now we pass to the United States of America. The problematic situation in China, our biggest block buyer, is unfortunately no different in the American market, which is the leader of processed product consumers. In January-November 2019 period, Turkey made $260,412,824 in exchange for a total of 588.314.000 tons of natural stone. The amount of natural stone we sell to the world-giant decreased by 3.6% and our income by 5.8%.


Processed marble sale is stable


Despite our regression in the American market, the statistics for processed marble managed to remain stable. Exporting a total of 1.610.370 tons of processed marble in the first eleven months of 2019, Turkey made $642,583,111. As the amount of marble sold increased by 5.3%, the income increased by only 0.7%. The stable income, in spite of the increasing block sale, is proof that the unit price declined.


Saudi Arabia is on the move


In January-November 2019 period, Saudi Arabia was the star of the processed marble market. Turkey achieved growth by 17.4 in the Saudi Arabian market and managed to increase its income in the first eleven months up to $111,100,000. Just like that, the growth in the Israeli market continued. The market in which we grew by 6.9%, bought natural stones worth $58,834,000 from Turkey. However, the regression in the United Arab Emirates reflected to the export figures of Turkey. The market of the UAE shrank by 26.2%, and our income decreased to $35.9 million.


Good news from Europe and North Africa


Two regions are the stars of export statistics. Let’s focus on the African market. Turkey achieved growth by 65% in this market and made $59.1 in total. The situation in Europe is also favorable. Our total export to the EU countries increased by 7.8%, and the star of the EU is France, which developed by 11.5%.


Other active markets


And now we talk about other developing markets. When we consider the export statistics, five countries draw our attention. Libia is the first one. Our income from Libia, in which we grew by 136.9% compared to 2018, has increased to $23.7 million. Morocco is also expanding with an increase of 57.6%. (The income $16.5 million.) Just like that, our natural stone export to Russia climbed up to $11.6 million, increasing by 87%. Besides, increases of 3241% and 556% in Monte Negro and Uzbekistan, in which export was too low in 2018, are notable.



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