Export It’s time to rise again "$"

It’s time to rise again “$”


It’s time to rise again “$”

The recession, which had been going on in Turkey’s natural stone export since 2013, ended, and target of 2 billion dollars, was reached

Increasing its export by 13.43% in 2017, Turkish Natural Stone Sector earned 2 billion 48 million dollars

Having the biggest marble reserves of the world and a clear superiority in terms of product variety, Turkey has been in a troublesome period in the last 3 years. After 2013, the year of records with an export of 2.2 billion dollars, the recession couldn’t be stopped for three years and revenue decreased to 1.8 billion dollars. In the beginning of 2017, the target was to change this situation and start up a new period of rising. The target was set as 2 billion dollars and after 12 months, it was reached. Increasing its export by 13.43% in 2017 compared to the previous year, Turkey managed to exceed the barrage of 2 billion dollars.

Revenue is 2 billion 48 million dollars
Exporting 7.936.480 tons of natural stone last year, Turkish Natural Stone Sector earned 2 billion 48 million 92 thousand dollars. We can say that there are three factors behind Turkey’s rise. While the market activity in China helped our block market get up, the American market, in which momentum had been lost, started to move up a little and finally with the boom in India market, the recession that had been going on for 3 years ended.

An increase in China by 29.6%
Let’s pass on to detailed analysis of the statistics. Chinese market, which we can consider vital for the Turkish Natural Stone Sector, boomed in 2017. Our export to the world giant increased by 29.6% and approached the barrage of 1 billion dollars. In exchange for 4.694.148 tons of natural stone, Turkey earned 945.747.000 dollars. We remind you that Turkey’s export to China had reached its peak in 2013 and generated 981.1 million dollars.

Boom in India
Due to removal of import quota in India, the market drew the attention of the Turkish natural stone sector. Expected increase happened in India in 2017. In this market, whose importance increases continiously, Turkey’s export increased by 54% and reached 84 million 899 thousand dollars. When we take a look at the overall export, we see a growth of 28.3%. Turkish natural stone sector earned 1 billion 104 million dollars from block marble and travertine sales.

Decrease in the USA stopped
As understood from the statistics above, activity in the block market played the leading role in 2017’s efficiency for Turkey. Let’s pass on to processed product market… In the market of America, who is the biggest customer of Turkey in this field, export increased by 2.15% compared to the previous year. The profit made reached 294 million 390 thousand dollars. It may not be a significant increase but considering the fact that market had suffered a decrease by 11.2% previous year, it could at least be considered as a positive news that the decrease in the sector is no more.

Arab market troubled
Saudi Arabia is another important market for processed products. However, things didn’t go well in Arab market in 2017. Turkey’s profit from export decreased by 12.4% and became 104.5 million dollars. A decrease by 10.5% in Iraq drew attention. Another problem was about the statistics regarding processed marble export. Amount of products sold increased by 2.14% while revenue decreased by 1.45%! An increase by 8.1% in travertine export also drew attention.

We started 2018 well
2017 was a year in which we started to rise again. Now what matters is that we maintain this rise in 2018, as well and approach the target of 2.4 billion dollars, as the presidents of the sector said. So, let’s take a look on 2018’s first two months’ statistics. When we look at the first two months of 2018 we see Turkish Natural Stone Sector earning 270 million 540 thousand dollars. This amount was 246 million 874 thousand dollars by this time last year, which means that the first two months of 2018 have started with an increase of 9.58%. Let’s see if it continiues.

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