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Editor Çağlayan Sueli The President’s plan

The President’s plan


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The President’s plan

“We’ll open two storehouses in Yunfu and Shuitou regions in China” Says Ali Kahyaoğlu, the President of IMIB

He adds, “We’ll take the products of the firms those that can’t sell goods to China, don’t have R&D, don’t have foreign language. I don’t want to take the high-quality firms there. They already sell their products; we won’t be a rival to them. But, when I take them to China, they will get definitely 10-15% share there.

Briefly, it means that they will take the blocks of the firms, which didn’t build their infrastructure, didn’t have any future plans and that didn’t seek quality but owned a quarry in some way, to China and market them, says Kahyaoğlu…

The only thing these firms can do against strong firms, which spent their years in stone sector, made investment, developed its technology, trained professionals and therefore, proved their quality, is lowering the prices. He must be planning to have the lion hunted by cats…


Kahyaoğlu says that they will have a new stone fair, in addition to the existing fair in Istanbul…

And he adds “We’ll bring and host a group of 400 foreign buyers. 75% of the expenses will be met by Ministry of Economy and 25% by IMIB. We converted the price of sqm for stands to Turkish Lira.”

It means that while there is Turkish worldwide brand stone fair MARBLE in Izmir, which the Stone sector stands behind it, Kahyaoğlu says that they won’t hesitate to waste the Money of IMIB and the public for his desire… The biggest opposition to his plans comes from his own board members, but the president insists…

Undoubtedly, the first thing to do against quality is lowering the prices. When the president doesn’t get the support he expected, he makes a discount of 75%. On the other hand, Expotim and Pyramid Fair Organizing firms were supposed to hold the fair, is marketing other fairs, and leaving Istanbul.

As I understand, this is going to be Kahyaoğlu’s own fair…


5IMIB President Ali Kahyaoğlu also says that the magazines distributed abroad aren’t read but thrown into rubbish bin…

And he says “We have a magazine that circulates 7.000 copies. We distribute it even to the heads of villages. We have interviews with them. We are the biggest magazine in Turkey. We’ll publish and distribute 20 000 catalogues abroad.”

Kahyaoğlu claims that we run and make effort from America to China, from Brazil to India for nothing.

If it had been so, Marble Trend wouldn’t have been the star of the sector….

In my understanding, if village heads and politicians are at the target, his plans are even bigger…

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